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I only want to highlight certain posts but want it to show up on ALL posts. I How do you get it to show up on all posts without adding all 10,000 posts to a playlist?

I’m sorry but this is without the purpose of this plugin. If a user is not in a post included in a playlist the previous and next buttons can’t work.

I’m developing right now a similar product that works automatically to show posts included in specifics categories or custom post types, and the posts’ gallery is diplayed in the entire website, but i can’t add this feature to this plugin because is a very different concept.

I just released Recent Posts Revolution, a new product from danycode that generate a gallery of posts/custom posts/pages from a specified query.

This new product looks similar but has a different purpose and works in a completely different way, the gallery is automatically generated and not manually created like in this one. This new plugin is also full of customization options and a new skin system.

have autoplay/xseconds option?

Hallo eriksteinmeyer, an autoplay feature is not available.

I bought a plug of his own and followed around the implementation manual, but it is not working …

I wonder how to solve it!

The Site is http://www.ganhardinheiroonline.blog.br

If you want me to pass the username and password of my administration for you to check!


Henry Santos

Hallo Telexrique and thanks for purchasing.

Have you created a playlist with a selection of your posts? If yes, please provide me a link with a random post included in one of your playlists.

Please use the contact form in my profile for support.

Still does’nt work with custom post ?



Hello Raphael, Playlist for WordPress doesn’t work with custom post types, i have a similar product that works with custom post types in the marketplace: Recent Posts Revolution.

I want to create a playlist with post and insert in on a page. Did you think this is possible ?

Yes, with Recent Post Revolution you can. If after purchasing you need help feel free to ask via my profile.

I’m looking for a plugin that will let registered users create their own playlists and upload videos (presented as posts) to them. Does this pugin allow users to create playlists themselves, or is the admin the only one that can do that?

Hello dianar17, with this plugin only the website administrator will be able to create playlists.

Hi, thanks for the prompt answer. I’m a web developer and have been working with wordpress for a while now (mostly on themes), I don’t have much experience with plugins but I’ve made some simple modifications on occasion when I need something else from a plugin.

Do you think it would be possible to modify the code on this one to let users with editor, or at the very least author privileges, to create playlists?

It’s possibile but you would have to understand exactly how to plugin works and then change a lot of code, php part, javascript part and the database to achieve your purpose. Do not expect to do this modification easily.

Hi there,

Does a plugin work with videos?


Hello, in the playlist slider you can use only image thumbnails, obviously if you want you can include videos in the actual post content.

Thanks, understood!

this would be a great plugin if you would let users to add posts to their playlist, and create the thumbnail of the post in the playlist automatically, using a custom field from the post, for example.

Hello vyperlook, thank you for your suggestion, maybe this will be done with a new different plugin in the future. I don’t want to convert this one to behave in that way because has a different purpose.

This plugin is not working. I get this error: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. /wp-content/plugins/wordpress-playlist/class/pagination.php on line 3

Hello kindsbekken,

please contact me via my profile contact form or via the support tab and I will send you in a modified version with the name of the “pagination” class changed, it’s a simple conflict with another class declared with the same name. ( probably by another activated plugin or by your theme )

Hope this helps.

im can make a one playlist per user?

Hello eriksteinmeyer,

the playlists are created only by the WordPress administrator and each post can only be associated with a single playlist.

Hope this helps.

i want users that register on my site to be able to make post playlists but the post are published by me and soon there will be some posts published by other admins / users etc. Is this going to be a problem?

Hello BaltimoreMartialArts, I replied directly to your email. If you have other questions please continue on that thread. Thank you.