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very cool work ! i whish you all the best for your sales :)

thank you!!!!

do you provide the construct studio files?

yes! the game comes with CAPX file

Does it come with PSD files, is it easy to translate?

as written in the documentation, the language can be changed modifing the variables in the “Language” tab. For further info, please refer to the doc http://www.codethislab.com/bozze/codecanyon/playful_kitty/readme_playful_kitty.pdf

There are several problems to fix. When you enter a game and return to the menu, you will unlock all without completion. Does not save the first mission until complete the second. The mission 17, the lock is always displayed. Some missions such as 5, even completing it and the menu appears, wait a few seconds and appears as failed mission … Other 9, you lose only by breaking the middle block (without breaking the right) They are small mistakes and easy to fix, fully recommended.

Hi! Thank you for warning us! we are already working to fix the issues. A new updated version of the game will be available asap

Do I need Construct 2 to reskin the image?? or can I use Android Studio instead of it??

If you just want to reskin the game it’s enough to replacee the old images in sprites folder respecting size, file type and transparency (if any). If you want to edit the code, you need Construct2. If you need PSD’s, you can find them here: http://graphicriver.net/item/playful-kitty-game-assets/13798467

how do I install the call JS plugin.. I cant even open the capx file without it.. I downloaded it from the forum.. but it is not even real addon. and yes I have the paid version of construct 2


nevermind I got it.

Is it possible amendment to the game a software construct2

with this version you can also modify the code. Together with the game, you’ll get the capx

thank you! :)

must install in wordpress ?

i am will not use wordpress, how to config url to submit score or Leaderboard ?

i am will not use wordpress, how to config url to submit score or Leaderboard ?

Hi! If you don’t want to use CTL Arcade, we have to modify the code to add a Leaderboard, for further info about this customization, please write at support@codethislab.com

hi i just want to reskin only and change admob id, can i build in android studio??

Hi! As written in the documentation: The game contains the objects’ spritesheets that you can edit if you want to change objects’ images. Objects’ dimensions will be arranged according to the canvas size for the best display on devices. If you want to change objects’ graphics, replace the spridesheets with your own, ensuring the frames to be arranged properly as in the game.

We’ll release an update version of the game compatible with admob soon.

Our games are conceived to be used as HTML5 games, we have no way to check porting operations.

Hi there
Pre purchaser here
Honestly I don’t know if it is the right place, but I actually installed CTL Arcade Lite – Playful Kitty C2 Lite – Wordpress plugin.
I can see that I’m playing the “Demo” version. When I clicked buy full – I was redirected here.
My question is – if I’ll buy the full version, will it be automatically unlocked or I need to do something in the WP Admin panel too?

Hi! CTL Arcade Lite doesn’t support the full version of our games. You should first buy the CTL Arcade Pro here: https://codecanyon.net/item/ctl-arcade-wordpress-plugin/13856421, the Playful Kitty full version and then install both once again

The score on the main level screen (bottom) doesn’t add all the levels completed score giving you an OVERALL score. It’s ALWAYS zero (Score: 0 pts) on the bottom even though I’ve successfully completed many levels. Because of this … I’m not able to capture the true high score. Can you please fix this.

Hi, thank you for pointing out the issue. We’ve solved it and submitted the fixed version. It will be published in few hours

Thank you for you awesome customer service. I love your games! :)

Thank you :) Please, leave us an item rating if you liked our games and customer service :)

Works in construct2 version 239 ? and include character template psd file?

Can you support me for the addition of a new level. Short tutorials and so on. Thanks.

Hi we don’t provide tutorials, I’m sorry! I suggest you to do from yourself or hire a freelancer.

please chek your email. thanks

Hi Can this be exported as apk or ios app?

Hi, you can export the capx file in HTML5 and then us a middleware like cordova, phonegap or ludei. But since it’s something we don’t deal with, we have no way to check porting operations and we can’t give support for eventual issues met during the conversion. We strongly suggest you to re-skin the game or at least change the game’s logo to publish it in the app stores.