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I know that it is a template, but if you make a full game I will certainly buy.

I have the game done with this project, called “Super Mushroom” is in Firefox Marketplace, you can free download for PC / Mac / Mobile / Tablet. The object here is selling native source code and projects, you will be able with Them Their Own modify and create games.

Hello how are you. Unfortunately, I only have HTML5 version, but I can compile to Android, PC, Linux and Mac OS. It has one ready stage, but I can do as many as you want.

Hello dkrazor,

I am interested in your game, but could you tell me if I can make my own game just by replacing the images with my own images, without coding a lot ?



Yes. You just need to replace the images (Sprites), its. Programming to new levels by creating a new “event sheet”, enter it. And click the right mouse button and choose “incluide event sheet”, select “level1”.

The file “Quick start guide.pdf”, in the last page has link to video tutorials.

Thanks for buying. Hug.

- Derik -

UPDATE!! version 3.0

- FullHD, new background. - Bugs fix - Best performance


Hello, see the new version 3.0 I just post. Its the best of all !!

- New buttons, background, added more sound effects, excellent performance.

With HD graphics, see how is beautiful and fast.


Hello, theres a way to add two more characters to the game, and to select them, on the main screen?

Hello. You can add whatever you want in it.

how can i do it? just making sure that i can make everything¡ thanks a lot¡

I would do this: Would the same character, and create a numerical variable = 3, in sheet events create 003 groups. At the character selection screen, to set them according to the number of the variable.

variable = 1 play play with one (open group 1 sheet events) variable = 2 play with Play 2 (open group 2 sheet events) variable = 3 play with play 3 (open group 3 sheet event)

within groups would have the sprites according to each character. you can also make otherwise.

I have helped.


since Construct free version has only 4 Layers to work with.

Is this Game theme valid to be modified with the free version of Construct?

Hello. This project has 4 layers. He opens the FREE version, but I recommend using a license.

Hi there Im new to development, so would just like to know: If i purchase this game, does it come with the complete 12 levels ready to play. Can i use the original background and characters, change name of game, add invite from facebook / twitter

any info is much appreciated


This is a Game Asset, come all you have in the playable version (Live preview), it was made for people to make their own levels, add new songs and characters if you want. He is a facilitator for creating platform games, you should know the basics of Construct 2 to work with him.

You can use the characters, but should put in the credits “Characters and backgrounds made by dkrazor@gmail.com”.

Send me an email, I’ll show you other complete such games. dkrazor@gmail.com

Hey, How much level in this game, and tell me please if you have a eclipse version if not can you change it for me (I’m not a programmer) ? Thank you

Hello, i have html5 version only

Hello, i just bought it and i’m working on Mac, what software do i need to run the game?

Hello, need Construct 2 Scirra + Windows ( use virtual machine for mac)

Hello. Is possible add coins (money) and power ups?

this an Android game

Hello, this is an HTML5 game. You build for Android and iOS by exporting the game to Cordova, and then build using Phonegap or Cocoon IO (Ludei).

I bought this game I was expecting for Android

and there is a version for Android Yas or no

Because I want this game for android my brother

What’s the solution

Hello, this is a hybrid game made with Construct 2 Scirra. To convert (export) to Android, iOS and Windows systems, you must have the official software license.

Hello I’m not able to find htlml5 files in the zip. I can find only the construct project. I need only the html5 version ready to use. Can you send it to me please? Thanks

Hello, please contact me. And send your e-mail, that I’ll send you the file. I’ll also update the package by adding separate HTML5. Thanks for letting me know.