Planet Jumper | AdMob

Planet Jumper | AdMob

Planet Jumper is simple endless game with simple controls. Main goal is to keep cute monster alive as long as possible. Monster is running and jumping on planet help monster to survive on planet. Collect coins and beat high score. Avoid deadly obstacles to stay alive and get more score. To beat this game you need to have great reflexes and concentration.

Planet Jumper has been designed so you can change anything in the game, the buttons, fonts, sounds, all images and so on. User Interface is really easy to customize since we are using json files you can customize json and run game without re-compiling code again.


- uses LibGDX

- supports Android Studio

- optimized for tablets and phones

- includes all source code

- easy to configure

- easy to customize

- loading screen with logo

- clean and easy to maintain code

- most of code has documentation and comments

- includes all asset sources in SVG format (Inkscape)

- nicely organized assets to make it easy for reskin

- demo .apk file included

- AdMob Banner integrated

- AdMob Interstitial integrated

- graphics included

- sounds included

- tutorial document included with screenshots

If there are any problems or if you need some extra features feel free to contact us.