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Import eclipse or no?

Code in xml, java file?

Yes, can be imported to eclipse or android studio. Code in java


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not able to download sample game


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HI?You can send me the gdx jar, I met a mistake, I’m not too familiar with the game engine


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My email is space_gamer@163.com Thank you very much!


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please, can you give me a simple video to explain how to enable admob, and how can i change package name


to enable Admob you just need to enable/uncomment one line and set your admob id there. The line is in AndroidLauncher.java inside method setupAds(). Pls re-check the PDF file :)

The easiest way to change the package is edit the AndroidManifest.xml and rename the package value. If you want to rename the folder structure also you can right click on the folder and select refactor.

Still have difficulty?, pls contact me through private message.


After click on build modal I am getting error.

It’s does not works.

It’s does not works.

Hi,pls send me a private message through my profile page (http://codecanyon.net/user/boontaran) we need to do further debugging on this.

Thanks’ I’m waiting your message.


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Which tool do you use for editing .atlas files?

Hi, please check again the documentation :) ,it has been described on paragraph : Game Modification > Images



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Thanks, I used GDX Texture Packer GUI tool for it. Regards

Can’t find build tool revision 23.0.2,,Sdk manager see only 23.0.1.

OK ,pls send me a private message through my profile page to discuss (http://codecanyon.net/user/boontaran)

we need to do further debugging on this.


Error following link.

try this : http://codecanyon.net/user/boontaran

in the right bottom there is a textarea to write the message, just write anything and I’ll reply it to start discussion.

I do leaderboard but no working. Looking logining but no login. Google play account.

Hi, I’ve replied your email, pls check , thanks


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Please clarify these doubts

1. How can I rename the package com.boontaran.planevsmissile ? When ever I try, the entire project is crashing .

2. Also, please give detailed info to setup google leader board.

3. While setting up admob, Do I need to fill anything in the device test id ?


1. if you need to change the package for the apk only, you only need to change the value of package in AndoridManifest.xml

If you also want to change the folder structure, rightclick the folder you want to change-> refactor-> rename (eclipse or android studio will be similar)

the last, open android/build.gradle to check if the values of package also has been changed, if not yet, you can manually change it. 2. the detailed info to setup the leaderboard is here : https://developers.google.com/games/services/console/enabling#step_2_add_your_game_to_the_dev_console

in short : - add game service - create laederboard - link the apk (by the SHA1 key) - make sure the status is published

then assign the app id & leaderboard id in the java file (see documentation)

3. you can ignore that filed if do not need to see test ads.



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If you also want to change the folder structure, rightclick the folder you want to change-> refactor-> rename (eclipse or android studio will be similar)

This step is not working ,once I do this, entire project gets full of errors , can you please help out ?

I need a seperate package id so as to get approved in play store

1. In project window, click the setting icon and uncheck “Compact Empty Middle Package”

2. Right click the folder you want to rename, select refactor ? rename ? rename current

See these screenshots for the detail https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1gPnl_82SX-dG13WXpYZHJJUVE

Hello i want to add banner ad on playing screen and want to change planes rotation control right now plan is rotate by game pad but i want to move plan by touch on screen’s any area around the plan for example if i want to change rotation of plan left then if i touch plan left side of screen then plan will rotate left side

Hello i want to add banner ad on playing .

I’ve replied your email. Pls check. Thanks

Very good game! GLWS!

you have a preview

yes, there is an APK link in the description.


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I got all the game graphics reskined by a designer , but do I compile the project again ?

How can I employ this action in android studio ?

Run Packer.java under desktop module

Replace the original graphics inside desktop/raw_images folder. to run the Packer.java, open the project panel, find the file under desktop module. then right click , select Run ‘Packer…

“I entered the leaderboard id and app id in my code but after clicking on the leaderboard button, google play connects but pop up of leaderboard wont show up.

The logs tell me the following: “You have not specified a View to use as a content

The logs tell me the following: “You have not specified a View to use as a content view for pop ups. Falling back to Activity content view.”

Can you please help?


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I have problem with eclipse, couldn’t find how to make apk file…


we are interested in buying your code. how to add more plans and when i buy your code kindly share android studio project plz

Do you know java? you need basic java understanding to add more planes, you can learn from the existing code and duplicate it to create a new plane.


We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?


Thanks, if you are purchasing regular license it will limited to one client and the end product is free. Other than that you should choose extended license.

Kindly contact Envato if you need more detailed information.


White uploading the game on Google Play I was not able to adjust the ACHIEVEMENTS section. Can you help me?

the game doesn’t have achievement, did you mean leaderboard?

Hi, please assist. I saw a bonus constructor but cant seem to understand when or why this is called. Also I would like to add additional planes please advise. Thanks

Why you need to understand that? Bonus class is the Shield and the distractor, pls read the pdf to add more planes.

I misunderstood the bonus thought it was like a bonus level now understand about the distractor and shield. Managed to add planes. Thanks

Hi I am trying to add more planes and initially it worked when adding just 1 plane. However when adding one more it crashes. I managed to narrow down why but don’t know how to fix it.

//create object based on id ** if(id==0) { plane = new Plane(null); } else if(id==1) { plane = new Heli(null); } else if(id==2) { plane = new Jet(null); } else { plane = new Spaceship(null); }

When changing the above it works but when adding else if (id==3) it crashes, I am thinking its because it does not save the unlock status.

Do you have teamviewer to assist?

seems the value of id is outside the if-else condition so the plane is null, you can check what the value of id. or try to clear data