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Create for minimum Android OS 2.3 please

Ok, in next update

Hi! Very good app, but it’ll be very usefull if accept data from web service. In Json mode. It’s possible?


Current it gets data in xml and parsed it.If you want the data to be come in json format, we can customize it. Pl. send DM with project details

Yes, it is present

Also i see that in the demo is set with “km” , it is going to be info how to change it to “miles”? And you will provide full documentation, how the Logo? at left.

Also will be nice to show how to edit and add a logo in the middle in top of the banner for a better look. I just wanted to use the app for my local city , with the name here.

Any updates you will do to this app? also if newer versions of android may come out? v4.2.3 and so on…


for modifications in software, pl. send DM

Hi The code looks good and i want to buy it.

is the app using google placed API? Any ads? banner and interstitial ?

Thanks Ofer

yes it uses google places api and it has admob

is and error: location is not present

turn on the location provider of your phone go to setting=>location

I sent some help requests thru support contact at your website. Mainly need some help in exporting app the correct way into apk. I saw in your help video there are no explanation or tutorial on exporting the apk the correct way for beginner like me.

Thank you and it’s a great app to have anyway.

Pl. check your device setting – Enable Unknown Sources

I want to buy but not sure how to monetize this. Any ideas?

Put Ads like Google Ads, AirPush etc

I’m making an android app for getting information about doctors n hospitals. The information must be stored in a cloud database. The problem is that I don’t know how to integrate android app with cloud. Please help…..

Pl. send your project details via DM

so this is all done using google APIs , there is no back end database holding info ? thx

Yes, but admin based can also be done..wherein users posts info in wordpress site using wpnova.com/blog/post-editor-wordpress-plugin/ and info is displayed in app front end

hello, i want to discuss changes to this app. how can i get in touch with you?

Ok, pl. send DM

how do i send DM


Hi there, I am interested in an App like this for my business directory, but instead of getting the info from google, can I customize it to get the info from the listings on the directory instead?

Yes, sure. For modifications in software, pl. send DM

I am looking to make an app that searches for specific locations near the user. But I need it to search for a specific category AND anything that has a specific search term in ANY category. Example, i want it to find parks, waterfalls, picnic areas, forests, fishing access sites, anything with the word “bridge” in it, etc. And those are the only things I want to allow the user to find, nothing else.

And I want it to search for all of these types of locations with 1 click.

Is this possible.

The points you mentioned will require major modifications in software..for which pl. send DM

Hi sorry Im ew in this coding, is there any way that I can use my own POIs but google map , instead of google maps pois, also is there any way that the aplication guide the user to the point?

For modifications in software, pl. send DM

Hello. I want to add some data e.g name and address how will do this?

It will require customization in software. Pl. DM your features & budget details


ok, thanks

no have admin web for add local busness


rajwa1 Purchased

hi , when i import the file inside android studio i got 3 errors , look to the url , please help me >> https://s23.postimg.org/hlwd6zw8b/image.png


rajwa1 Purchased

is there any Documentations or videos to tell me how edit it and work with it ?


rajwa1 Purchased

your screenshot show us big icon for places , but in real it is very small , how to make it like youra