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EmberThemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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some specific rewording about your service, did you mean, that this item is a full function used in projects ?

You get the full website/script that you see when you click on the demo: http://emberthemes.net/demo/placeholderr/ Meaning you can launch your own placeholder “service”

Why can’t I view placeholders directly, like when I insert this:


into the url bar to see it directly?

Seems like lacking a preview for generated placeholders is a big thing that the script should have.

The script does not support extremely large images. There is no case I can think of where somebody would need a 10000px placeholder image try a smaller value like: http://emberthemes.net/demo/placeholderr/i/1000x1000?bg=000000&fc=ffffff&text=test

Would be nice if it gave a proper error, like “place holder too large” or “Max place holder size is X”.

Good to see direct linking is working tho.

Is it possible to use images with this script? So users can pick a size, and a random image out of the data base will be presented?

Also, is there a “preview” feature? Would be great if it displayed the unit after the user customizes it.

counter works with this script as in https://unsplash.it can we upload images also

At the moment no, but it is a good idea :)