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Great support! Thank you!

You are welcome.

Hi. Pre-sales question

I see the icons WhatsApp and Vk. Means that users can social share via their Vk and WhatsApp accounts?

Please – ask your question to customer support. https://studio76.pro/support

is it IOS9 ready?

yes ready

But it haven’t updated since 2014 – lots of things change.

Can you upload here the latest code you have?

Placegram uses methods that have not been updated in new SDK.

Guys, your “support” system is an utter, total mess:

- I am chasing you since months now, asking how to configure the “social share” in Placegram, with useless answers. Your support lady says “its all setup”, which is nonsense. It’s YOUR link setup for Facebook and Twitter, I guess you understand that want to change that to MY link !? for Instagram and WhatsApp, nothing happens when clicked o that link in the app. Can you enlighten me where to configure both?

- your support URL constantly throws a 404

- password you sent me 2 weeks ago now show “Invalid email or password”

“Room for improvement everywhere” – and that is a vERY friendly statement…...... if you get my message ?

So, how can I finally get a proper answer:

- how to setup ALL “social share links” – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp (VK is the only mentioned in your doc) ?

As the credentials you sent me don’t work again on your “support” website, please just take the above and send me an answer by email to my registered ap.thst[at]gmail.com. I REALLY need a fast and proper answer now.

Thanks for your kindness…...

Nobody will understand what you say, but never mind.

Can you provide a proper answer?

- how to setup ALL “social share links” – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp

Thanks AGAIN

No configuration needs to be done

Unzip, run, play



hi, are you planning android version ?

ios 9.3.2 ready? does this have admob banner?

Goodnight! Thank you for interested in our product. Yes, tested on iPhone 6Plus firmware 9.3.2

Kind regards, Studio76

Great! will buy it soon

if i want to make stop motion on this app it’s easy to change?

android version?

In development

HI! everything is ok on the code except one thing. that is, after opening a photo from gallery every time I click on the photo it turns blank white. any suggestion how to resolve this?