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Error in demo

Hi, thank you so much for your warning!

I fixed it :)

if i add my staff as a normal user, can they access all the board that created in admin panel?

i try on your demo but nothing appear on normal user account

If you have 2 or more users:

Go to Settings -> Boards -> Edit board and check users to sharing it

noted. ALreasy test on demo, will buy it soon :D


when I add more than 6 it takes almost column sortable col-md-6 ui-sortable as I can solve. I attached picture email

Hi, this is not a bug and isn’t very simple to change it.

But if you know just a bit of php, you can open:

Application -> views -> kanban.php

And change the $column_value at line 14 with your preferences.

Hi, just purchased this great script but is not validating my purchase code, please help

I can´t use the script, please help!


send me your purchase code by email:


hello having this issue after installing: “Config file not found, please go to /install for install your project!” How to resolve this? Thanks

i have installed the project and changed the config for url

Any idea how to get this thing working? i followed the instructions but cannot get it to work.

Hi, check if database.php exist in this folder: application -> config.

If no: your install is failed, check write permissions in the project folder.

If yes: have you change the url in config.php and .htaccess?

If you not solve and if your project is installed in a public hosting, send me a private message with url and i will check it for you.

Thank you


Irvin85 Purchased

It keeps me asking for the purchase code. I have entered it, but it is still asking for it.



Irvin85 Purchased

On a future update, can you add the possibility of logging in using a username as an alternate option of the email address? Thank you. Irvin

Hi Irvin, thank you for your question. I think no, because usually new web-apps using an email to login, is most friendly and useful.

But if you need this function, you can modify your version and disable the form validation to put a username instead an email address.

It’s not difficult. If you need help tell me!



Irvin85 Purchased

I think that having the double possibility it will be nice for everyone. Users can login either with email/password or user/password. Because if we alter the form validation, no emails will be sent as a daily reminder.

Hello Digital Border , Any news with the isuue : when you download a file from board , the file dosen’t keep the same name like original … Ex : upload sample.pdf when you download the .pdf is change the name in 324087273483248.pdf Thank you

Ok but this solution is good just if you have more then 6/7 column right?

Unfortunately yes … When you have more the 6/7 columns is better to adjust your size column and give them equal size. If someone have better idea will be welcome. The Script is a+++ .. Thanks DigitalBorder , greate job .

Thank you, i’m very happy!

Hi Great work work on the code. I was wondering is it possible to charge end users a fee to create their own profiles, and projects where I’m not part of them. I’m just hosting the software on my server. These users will be creating accounts to use it. For their own personal and commercial projects. Aka Asana

Hi, no this project is only for personal projects or small team.

If you need that, you can buy the extended license and make your changes at project.

If I Purchase the extended License I’ll be able to charge users to create their own projects and so that they can manage them?

Yes, the source is open and you can modify everything and create your saas product.


kalcom Purchased

Hello DigitalBorder,

I get a errormessage ‘Config file not found, please go to /install for install your project!’

You wrote in the disscussion: (20 days ago):

>> Hi, check if database.php exist in this folder: application -> config. >> If no: your install is failed, check write permissions in the project folder.

- No, there is no database.php into the config-folder

could you give/send me the correct or needed permissions/rights for the folders and subfolders on the server?

Thanks/Greetings Dave

Hi, which version of php do you have? Have you modified the Home controller?

Get me your email, i can send you the last version.


kalcom Purchased

I had sent you a contact-mail.

Greetings Dave

Ok i replied it :)


Irvin85 Purchased

I have noticed that in the daily reminder email about new tasks the Created by field does not shows the right information of the user that has created the task. Please fix it. Thanks. Irvin

Ok i will fix it in my next release!

Thank you

Hi. How are Projects handled after they have finished? Do they get archived or deleted? And is there an option to add user (Permissions) to certain boards only? Elias

Hi, thank you for your interest. Now you can’t archive a board, your can just delete it. In my releases i would like to add the archive option also for the board.

Yes you can choose from admin or normal user. Admin can share boards to other users.


ourbina78 Purchased

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Ok i don’t see it now


ourbina78 Purchased

Please help, I cant use the script yet

I have sent it to you now. I’m sorry for late


ourbina78 Purchased

I cannot remove it please help

Ok i will send you the new version fixed, wait 1 hour pls.


ourbina78 Purchased

thank you I got it, I sent you a question by email, regards!

Hi, i don’t see any email. Did you get new version of pkanban? It works correctly?

Hi, we are interested in purchasing but see 2 major features missing that we need in order to use it:

1. Client Role – we need to be able to add a client user that will only see the projects and boards we set for them to see

2. Deeper permissions so users can only see the projects and the boards that they have been given permission. We have projects which inside the project we need to limit what specific team members and clients can see.

3. A project overview – add a left column that can be closed and expanded where you can see a list of ALL projects and be able to sort their order. For Admins and leads this is a good to have to see the big picture of all projects.

Could you add these in the next update?


fantastic code … great purchase

Thank you very much!