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hello, how can I recover my password? I dont remember wich one I assigned and the login dont have send reminder. thank you.

Yes, edit field in phpmyadmin, select “MD5” function from select and write new password.

Save and try to login! :)

You are the best, It work and you save my day. Regards.

ahah thank you so much!

If you like my pKanban, write me a review ;)


Hi. great job! but i have a problem. How can ı fix this?

My problem is;

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Core Warning

Message: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ’/opt/alt/php55/usr/lib64/php/modules/’ – cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Filename: Unknown

Line Number: 0

Hi, for your php error you have some problem with your webserver… try to reinstall it or remove ffmpeg module.

The boards are not secret now… this is a little bug fix and i will fix it in next release! Wait 1 or 2 weeks!

thnx bro. i waiting. have a good day.

you are welcome!

Hi, I just bought pKANBAN, nice tool, compliments. I would have a couple of questions:

1. I inserted about 10 boards but after the sixth I see the word “others” and then a sub-menu. Can i see all boards without “others”?

2. Improvement: i’ve entered many manual “time spent”, could i see the total time in the footer? Thanks!

Ho trovato ancora un altro problemino (scusa ma lo sto usando parecchio in questi giorni…): Nel campo “time spent” ho provato ad inserire un valore superiore o uguale alle 24 ore. Una volta salvato il task, nel riepilogo sotto il titolo (all’interno della board nella colonna) scompare il valore. Guarda l’immagine per capire meglio (avevo già salvato il task e aggiornato la pagina quando ho creato lo screenshot): Ho poi provato ad impostare 23 ore e non dava problemi. So che è creato per gestire tempistiche più esigue, ma io lo utilizzo soprattutto per tenere traccia dei lavori eseguiti e spesso la somma delle ore che inserisco supererà le 24 ore. Si può fare qualcosa? Grazie mille.

Ciao!, effettivamente andava cambiato anche quel punto mi ero dimenticato.

Per il programma copiato non è che lo hanno copiato ma hanno usato il mio e customizzato… ora Codecanyon glielo ha disattivato.

Bug interessante, grazie, segnalami tutto perchè tra pochi giorni rilascerò un update!

pKanban v1.5 work in progress! If you have some suggestion, please write a comment here!


Transoil Purchased

Hi, as suggetion for the next version: a second (or more?) configurable row in a collumn would be nice, so you can move your tasks between rows as well. And another point: if you have more than 6 collumns, the design in the last collumn breaks. Nice tool, btw.

Hi, i’m sorry, i don’t understand what you mean…

Can you show me some example?


Transoil Purchased


Second Row could look like this: A simple addable and nameable divider in a column could be enough, i think.

Last column breaks (in version 1.4), when you add a seventh (or more) column: Browser Vivaldi (on chrome base) as well as on IE

Hi, ok for the Second row is not very simple but i can keep this suggestion for future release.

Last column have this problem only if you have 7 columns because the total columns is 12 and it’s divided automatically. If you insert 8 columns this problem will be minor.

Ciao, sarebbe utile poter modificare manualmente le 2 date inserite in automatico: Date creation e Date Closed. In questo modo potrei inserire nuovi record datandoli a piacere. Grazie

Ciao, si bella proposta, la inserisco nella mia todo ma non sono sicuro di farcela per questo update.

Can you add smtp option for mailing reminders?

Hi, yes i can :)

problem in responsive desing.

The delete or archive button remain in the middle and not fix. If you correct the error and send the update I make the purchase

Hi, next week i will publish a new update :)

Stay tuned!

Hello. I cannot log in.

Parse error: syntax error, application/controllers/Home.php on line 18

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Parsing Error Message: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘}’ Filename: controllers/Home.php Line Number: 18 Backtrace

ver 1.4

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’, expecting ‘}’ in /public_html/pkanban/application/controllers/Home.php on line 18

We have solved the problem. phpver 7over change. thankyou.

Ok! good job :)

You are welcome!

I think I have the config and htacess files appropriate to my files, but it looks like I’m missing “CodeIgniter.php” in the application core.


Can you give me any advice on this? Thanks!

Hi, yes you need Codeigniter.php in system core directory.

Why you don’t have it?

Download and unzip again!

Hello. Please teach me customize. 3days ago color change#ff0000 ,danger_date code kanban.php code line 41?

Hi, i don’t understand. danger_date is the css class of date when date is overdue.

If you want to change the color, open css style and change color.


I downloaded it again and unzipped it with 7-zip but there’s still no codeignighter.php in there. There’s only an index.php file in the application core.

I downloaded codeigniter it’s self from their website to to see if I just couldn’t throw that file in there without bothering you but there’s no codeignighter.php in there either, just the same index.php file in the application core, too. So I don’t know. (??)

Thanks for any advice.

Hello, It’s really weird, no other customer has reported this anomaly.

If you’ve solved it, better so!

You are welcome!

My bad, – I didn’t have the base_url proper. (Thanks so much)

I thought I was set, but I can’t get past the login. – It say’s I have the wrong credentials but it’s the same credentials I provided. – Logging directly into the mysql, I can see the admin email I provided is in there and changing the password directly as a temporary bypass didn’t work either, so I just don’t know what to do next. Can you tell me how I can get past this?