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hey coder :) i love your coded work kanban board, but something runs wrong in my runtime.

error descri0tion: - install routine: OK - Login Screen OK - After type in my login data: browser forwards to …/access/login and display a 404 code

to become a better feeling whats stored on my server, i dumped the sql data and files here for you to visit.

pls e-mail to thxx & chhhers karsten

hi man, thx for you fast response. i set the htaccess correctly and now happens… nothing :/ i put some data to check in this shared folder:

i dont know its my php info correct? installer say ok… but i’m not sure about that.. host is directly in root folder:

yay ok ignore my last post my friend. problem was: i used php version newest 7.1.4. pkanban runs stable with php version 7.0.13

Ook thank you for this notice :)


I was finally able to install the pKanBan using zip file. But now that I have added lot of Cards, I found a user interface bug

You know as the number of cards increase, the Top nav bar over takes the space below, the Middle section containers become invisible.

This is huge issue as I have no way to create new tasks. Please fix this and update your software.

Also, i want to make a suggestion. When a card is edit, the user should be able to put his comments. It should build up a story board. This is very important to multiple team collaberations. One has to have a way to comment on project details just like JIRA

I published update now, Codecanyon sometime take 1-2 days for approve it.

Have a nice day friend!

Hey , Wow , i installed new update and it looks Awesome! thank you so much.

Now I want to point out new interface issues in next update.

One should have limited characters for board name, otherwise the menu gets messed up

ALso, what happens when Others menu is full too, There should be a 2nd Column of Menu that should appear side by side. Otherwise the menu gets messed up again

Couple of suggestions that will make this software REALLY Awesome and compete with asana

1. Users should be able to COmment on Tasks. Right now if there are multiple team users in a Board, they cant place comments or add images with their own name. This we no way to tell who posted an image or comment

2. Ability to add REcurrint tasks. Some times , tasks get repeated after certain interval like Daily tasks, weekly Monthly. Right now we have to delete old task and create new task every day. This makes it lot of time consuming and extra effort. May be you can consider these options in future ?

Once again thank you for your response. I will keep contributing my suggestions in future

Ok thanks for your advice, I will try to keep them in the next update

Hi there! When are you planning launch a new update. You had announced new version since last month! We are still eager expecting it :) !!

Hi gibarra, yes i have little problem with my work i’m sorry.

I will publish update in some days!

Thank you!

Okey, great! I hope you can solve soon your work’s problems (have a great weekend my friend) !!!

Thank you so much!

Stay tuned! :)

I need some help. Thanks. Infinite login loop.

Hi, it’s very strange. Try to change config base url from: /Task to Task/index.php/

And try again

Made that change but still is stuck at the login screen.

Only change made: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /Task/index.php/

remove index.php from rewrite base…. Are you sure that your hosting have mode rewrite enabled?

nice Work needs Time!!! no Problem ;)

Thank you! :)

Nice work DigitalBorder, I’m probably going to purchase soon.

Quick question: When do tasks get archived? And can they stay archived until admin clears them?

Hi, thank you.

Click and hold on a task to see the archive or trash button. Yes, they stay archived how much you want.

Hi, can you list a changelog? This is for your latest release

Hi, yes, i updated now the changelog.

v.1.4 – 19/05/2017 - Graphic enhancements - Add daily reminder by email - Add multi language support - Bug fixing html

Hi there, I tried to update from 1.3 to 1.4 but was having database issues. So I backed up my database and did a fresh install of 1.4 and when I try to import the db backup, I get an error – #1062 – Duplicate Entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’ – Can you help me with that? Thank you, Dwayne

All good. Figured it out. Just deleted all existing data and then import worked.

Ok thank you for your report

tried to update and got into this error:


Error: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name ‘user_daily_reminder’

any advice?

i have run the update process 4 times but i still bump into the same error.


Error: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name ‘user_daily_reminder’

Yes but if you get this error the update is not necessary.

Copy all files in your directory and join on your pkanban url

Hello there!

I’m getting the next error (same to @daniavorszky)


Error: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name ‘user_daily_reminder

Hi gibarra, if you get this error you have execute 2 times the update because user_daily_reminder not exist before…

No problem, it works correctly?

Hi DB,

I repeated your sugegestion +2 times but allways i was arriving to the same message. Then I tried a clean installation deleting the database and now I’m facing this … All my work with a customer I will need to rebuild it :(

Step 6 out 6


INSERT INTO `boards` (`board_id`, `board_name`, `board_default`, `board_order`) VALUES (1, ‘Personal’, 1, 0), (4, ‘My Projects’, 0, 1);

Error: SQLSTATE23000: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry ‘1’ for key ‘PRIMARY’

Oh no, if you have delete the database you have lost all tasks?

Can you import a backup? If yes execute only this SQL:


And update all files in your root directory.

The update is finished!

Question. When I make a comment, how do others make comments and not overwrite my comment.

Hi, i’m sorry but i don’t understand what you mean

Help, view time-tracker button on small devices????

Please, where can I change the responsive layout for this? View time-tracker button on small devices????

Hi, It is wished that the time tracker buttons are obscured in the mobile because the time tracker is not 100% compatible with mobile… If you want to try it, edit the view file kanban.php and search class “action_button hidden-sx” and remove hidden-sx.

how to setup the email notification? what file(s) need to be edited? I set up the cron job but I don’t get email notifications, please explain.


Hi, you have just to tick the “Daily reminder” options on users and set the crontab (follow user guide pdf for this).

If you don’t receive emails check in your spam folder.

Hi, I had a problem when upgrading:


Error: SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name ‘user_daily_reminder’ “

Can you help me?

Hi, if you get this error no problem, the project works correctly?

Hi, I have installed the knew 1.4 version. Every thing worked fine yesterday, but today i have and ajax error:

You can download a print screen here:

Can you help me please?

Thank you

Okay, but in that way you could not translate, right?

I translated the file in french but didn’t changer the filename.

Ok thanks for your alert, i will fix it in a next update

I’m planing to buy this product. But I have some comments:

  • I don’t need “Rewrite” function. We use it on private environment so why do I must rewrite? Please create “disable rewrite function” please.

  • If you don’t want to remove (disable) rewrite function, I hope you can suggestion to use your product with NginX web server. I use it under sub-directory like that https://domain/mywork so I hope you can provide exactly rewrite rule which use for nginx, not apache.

That all now, I really need a simple product like that and I hope enterprise server will be easy configuration to run it.


1. If you don’t have rewrite module on your webserver, you can add index.php on base url and it works correctly.

2. I don’t know ngix but if rewrite not work is not a problem.

Thank you Good Job Bro, i have problem with install:

i have slove it :D but i have new problem :S :

ops! was php 5.3 i make it php 7 :D thanks now its work 100%

ook :)

good job!

hi, great job!

i want to try it in my computer, i’m using mamp so when i load i put this on the browser: http://localhost:8888/pkanban

i have to install it first on a remote server, there is working fine and then download all the files and update config and database , also i download the users table but i cant log in in my local computer

and also i want to put it inside my site where i already have a login screen, an dont wanna have two log twice, cand this be done?

thanks and regards

Hi, your local server support mode rewrite? If no, you need to enable it or htaccess not work correctly