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I have having issues with this.

I want to install the site at

I dont know what to put in the config.php.

Although I can get through to the install wizard just fine when going to /install.

Although I get an error when putting in my MySQL Details.


INSERT INTO `configs` (`conf_background_color`, `conf_navbar_color`, `conf_administrator_email`, `conf_administrator_name`, `conf_date_format`) VALUES (18, 19, ‘’, ‘DigitalBorder’, 2);

Error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘conf_background_color’ in ‘field list’

Please help?

Hi, sure!

For fix SQL error:

Go to install -> sql_dump -> create.sql and add these lines at the end of file:

ALTER TABLE `configs` CHANGE `conf_background_color` `conf_background_image` VARCHAR NULL;

UPDATE `configs` SET `conf_background_image` = ‘eca68f2b2de52855d043d8ab7adac011.jpg’, `conf_background_opacity` = ‘0.1’

and now got to /install and follow wizard installation.

- In your config.php, set base url like this: $config[‘base_url’] = “http://”.$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’].”/”;

In your htaccess: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /

If you need help, i’m available!

Thank you!

Ciao, ho appena installato l’ultima versione. Quando però carico una lista, la grafica non è come quella mostrata nel demo, per capire meglio guarda qui: Anche qualche altra grafica non è proprio normale: Cosa posso fare? Grazie mille.

Ciao, che browser usi? con la vecchia invece vedevi tutto bene?

Se usi chrome, puoi aprire la console e dirmi se ci sono eventuali errori javascript?

Ciao, grazie per la risposta tempestiva. Il problema è solo con Chrome. Ho provato ora con Firefox e lo visualizzo come la demo. Il problema è che con Chrome la demo la vedo benissimo, mentre sul mio sito il problema resta… Non ci sono errori javascript nella console.

Allora è più strano del previsto :(

Hai modo di darmi un link e uno user per poter accedere e verificare?

Puoi inviarmelo anche come messaggio privato

Hi sir , getting an error for the first install .

SQL: INSERT INTO `configs` (`conf_background_color`, `conf_navbar_color`, `conf_administrator_email`, `conf_administrator_name`, `conf_date_format`) VALUES (18, 19, ‘’, ‘DigitalBorder’, 2);

Error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘conf_background_color’ in ‘field list’

Ive try the solution .

Open install -> sql_dump -> create.sql and add these lines at the end of file:

ALTER TABLE `configs` CHANGE `conf_background_color` `conf_background_image` VARCHAR NULL;

UPDATE `configs` SET `conf_background_image` = ‘eca68f2b2de52855d043d8ab7adac011.jpg’, `conf_background_opacity` = ‘0.1’

and now got to /install and follow wizard installation.

Nothing change . I don’t know what to do . Need help please .

Hi, have you solved it with remove the timezone right?

Yes, sorry for late response. I just remove the code: date_default_timezone_set(‘Europe/Berlin’); and everything was perfect .

Ok perfect!

Thank you!

the whole installer is absolutely crap.. got the same problems to install this … ive tried it manually step by step and its running after about 2 hours of process. every 2nd sql query in the dumps brought syntax errors … because of existing primary keys and entries. but there must be some lost parts in the sql, that i cant so anything with the tasks…

Hi. Great thx for that. Now the Installer runs trough all Parts and finished. Now i got an other Problem. In the Installer all my requirements are marked as green. When i want to edit or create a new task i get only “Ajax Error. See the console” In my server logs i can’t find anything, also in this app itself. (new clean installation)

ok, seems to be solved … forgot to translate the system language ;)

ok friend! thank you.

If you need any help, tell me!

I am very likely to buy your script, but I miss a function that allows the insertion of comments to a task. That is more thaan only a description field, but some important notes the user wants to leave to remember in the future.

Thank you! Ok i think that i will add it in future.

Dear author,

I’ve installed your script on my server but it won’t login. pKanban is installed on a root of a subdomain (no subdirectory inside it). I’ve changed config.php and .htaccess to reflect a primary domain installation. I have even tried to comment the original base_url and insert manually in a line below. The htaccess is exactly the same as the content at the support tab here at codecanyon. I insert my login credentials, click on login button, the screen blinks and stays on the login page. Would you have any idea what might be happening?

Best regards,

Hi, can you give me the link of your pkanban and mysql access? (if you want send me a private message)

I can check it for you.

Hello, is there a way to enter custom fields?

Hi, you have the source code, you can add fields in the database and in the html files…

I’m sorry but you cant add custom fields automatically…

Ok! got it, thanks :)

you are welcome :)

Hi Sir, im getting this error ”Ajax Error. See the console” when i use Normal User account. If i check the error console , everything is empty. Im getting this error just when i create users. Admin Account is ok . Best regards

Hi, i can’t rename the files because codecanyon rename it after my publish.

Can you give me your url and account of your pkanban?

Send me a private message, i want to test it for you.

Thank you

Let me know if you received my email. Best regards

Hi, yes i received it but i’m out of city for work… I will come back in 2-3 days and i will reply to you.

Thank you for patience.

Ciao, c’è un problema quando si archiviano i task: il conteggio del “Time Spent on This Board” non si è resettato, è normale? Ora che aggiungo nuove voci vengono aggiunte al precedente conteggio… Grazie

mmm attualmente non mi pare perche viene calcolato al volo. Aggiungerò un nuovo contatore nella prossima release con il conteggio archivio e conteggio attuale

Grazie mille, sarebbe l’ideale.

Certo nessun problema :)

Hi Sir, just 2 questions if is posibble to help me .

1) It’s posible to change the background on Archive, because if you have a long archive the background is fixed ? 2) Any chance to put search button on Archive page?


Hi Sir, Please see attached pictures :

thank you

Any news Sir ? Thanks

Hi, yes i will fix it in next release. Now you can use a simple background color to resolve that problem.

Please help. The installation went fairly well, logged in to the app but the front home page gui is covered with php errors about the UTC time settings. Take a look and please be very clear in your suggested directions as I DO have access to the app files in my FTP directory but I am NOT a php coder at all. I can do minor edits, deletes, changes etc. but not a coder of any kind. Thank you

Thank you, but that did not do it. I may have put the code snippet in the wrong line but I tried it in multiple places and did not work. This is the error that takes over my webpage now ( Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘version’ (T_STRING) in /home2//public_html/ on line 5) Please refer to my php config file uploaded here where you can download it, change it as needed and resend it to me perhaps?

Never mind, I got it work with the snippet you provided. Thank you for your help. I’m happy to have this Trello style app available on my own host domain. Well done.


You are welcome!

Hi, How many users does this product support?

How many Access levels, etc…Security controls?

Hi, no limit of users… no limit of access… You can create an Admin, Normal user or Read-only user.

Try the demo and go to Settings


I am planning to buy this and need help on clarification below

1. can I integrate with my own application 2. I need to show only some area to my application window 3. I need to use my application login for user auth

Awaiting your swift feedback

Hi, 1. My package have source code, you can use it where you want. 2. I think that you can use an iframe. 3. It’s a little bit difficult… you can modify the source code.. if you know php, you can.

I’m available for any help!

Thank you!

Hi DigitalBorder,

Before I buy your product, I test scenario on your demo web. and the result you can see at

Sort of Column is : Work Order Quotation Purchase Requisition Purchase Order PO Receipt WO Billing Submit Outbound Approve Inbound Invoice AR Matching AP

but the result not same with my scenario, why ? it’s bug on sort of column ?


Hi finadri, yes it’s a bug with short columns…

I can fix it in my next release!

Thank you for your advise!

Hi DigitalBorder,

Already fix a bug with short columns , and when you release ?


Hi, yes i think release it in 1 or 2 weeks

How a user can change his password?

Oh ok, i’m sorry i made a mistake.

Only admin can change user password now.

ok. so there should be an option for normal users to change password. how can I do this? its very important. if you cannot offer this feature the script is useless for me, I will request for refund.

ok i have integrated this feature in next release, can you wait few days?

How can I assign board to all users but all users should see only their task list? Secondly if its not possible then how can I create one board and duplicate it without creating columns again and again

Hi, when you share a board to multiple users they them see all tasks in the board.

I’m sorry but you can’t duplicate boards and columns in one shot…

In the future i could add this feature…

Hello, I can’t install this app. Start button doesnt work. Help me please.

I think I activated it now.

Thanks for help i fix this problem.

problem access permissions…

chown root:psacln /var/lib/php/session chmod 770 /var/lib/php/session


You are welcome!

Is it possible to let multiple users have one board together? Like with Trello. For example: I make a board for my company and mutiple employees of my company can create and view the tasks on the board

Hi, yes you can create multiple users and share one board for everyone.

If you want, try my online demo: