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Very interesting but you should make this easier to use ( so it can be more easily implemented in cms and portal systems )

make a jquery plugin that takes a unordered list with value

  • HTML5
  • TEXT
  • HELLO :)

And if no canvas support in browser make it display a very simple ticker so at least the other browsers see something as well

Do it like that and I will buy the extended version for now just the basic license as an incentive to get more stuff like this on CC but also make it better and easier to use

:) 5 stars

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it :)

Hi, alu, before giving five stars, why can & not be included in the pixText code, or can it ? I need this one in fact :-) fi Laurel & Hardy ?

Second question. What are the specifics of this code, you can direct me to the passage in the documentation but I have not found that one:

pixText=”TEXT|TEXT|...|TEXT” fi what is the …, a delay ? and fi can this be expanded ?

Thanks !

Hi, col364, ampersand was not added as it does not look very well in 5×5 pixelated version. If you are familiar with JavaScript, you can try to add it by yourself by making some changes in the actual code (pm me and I’ll explain you how to do that).

’...’ doesn’t have any functionality – it just means that you can add as much pieces of text as you want (so yes, it can be expanded – ’|’ separates text pieces). You can set delay with provided properties, like pauseTime and reverseDelay (they are explained in the documentation).

If you have more questions, I’ll try to answer :)

5 stars very nice thanks a lot ;)

Planning on adding any new features?

Currently there are no plans to add new features to PixText

Amazing. 5 stars, totally worth the 4 bucks.

Glad to hear it, thanks! ;)