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Hi dear fvimagination, i buy your app as soon as i see it but no time to publish it but now i can, i have ios version 6.2 if i upgrade Xcode will this code work on the new ios 8.2? Thanks in advance!

Hi, yes, PIXL iOS target is 7.0 and above, until latest iOS version.

Nice Thanks!

You’re welcome!

Are any of your apps configured to offer in-app purchases (aside from the watermark thing I saw in one)? I’m specifically interested in having multiple sticker packs

Yes, the customization will be an extra job, anyway it’s not possible to add sticker packs on PIXL, it can support stickers loaded all in one row, so you may add new paid stickers next to the free ones, maybe with a dot or lock over them, then if you tap on one of them a IAP controller pops up and you can buy all paid stickers in once.
An alternative solution to have multiple stickers categories may be the option to add new sticker buttons on the toolbar, like Stickers2, Stickers3 (or whatever name you want to give to the new buttons).

Thanks for the info – is it possible in any of your other apps?

Also, how do I go about getting a quote for the customization you described?

You’re welcome, please contact us by our profile’s contact form, tell us what you need and e’ll get back to you asap.

Hi, when pressing the share button this app is not giving an option to save a photo library… i tested on iphone and ipad… iOS 8

Hi, right, the share button is just to share an image somewhere, iCloud photo sharing included. If you want you may add a button somewhere and put this line of code into its method:

UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(imageView.image, nil, nil, nil);  

Update error, when I lift the app store and Apple review always reject it, and the reason is that button ( Share ) is not responding on iPad, you can fix the problem :)

Hi, we’ve tested the share button again on iPad and iOS 8.3, it opens the DocumentInteractionController smoothly, so have you downloaded the latest update of PIXL a few weeks ago?

yes . but Apple review always reject it, and the reason is that button ( Share ) is not responding on iPad ..

I’ve change where the share button and placed at the top of the right side, when I download the update and possibly rejected by Apple. Can be caused by changing the share button, don’t think that because I also tried and same thing happened.

So you mean that you’ve tried tapping the Share button in the main ViewController and nothing happens? if that’s yes, please check your code carefully or download the original template again and compare it with your own code, and test the Share button on a real iPad, as we said before, it works and all our other clients haven’t got their apps rejected.

Hi, i love your app template. Could you please add more actions for sticker, something like this:

1. Use two fingers to rotate the sticker. 2. Use two fingers to scalte the sticker. 3. When user click on the circle button on sticker to scale it, can you process to scale by x direction and y direction seperately?


Hi, thanks for your feedback.
Btw, you can already rotate and scale the stickers by using their handle, so we will leave that feature as it is, due to its very cheap price too :)

I’ve tried on real iPad and iPad mini (doesn’t test on real iPhone), and the sharing button doesn’t function. Can you test out this bug and fix it? Also, can I center the ads for this app as well? Thanks.

Hi, everrtything works perfectly on iPad too, as we’ve just tested this app again, check this screenshot taken from a real iPad: http://s23.postimg.org/lpy29szxn/IMG_0634.png

Make sure that the method called checkingInstalledApp into ViewController.m file looks like this:
/* =================
 NOTE: The following methods work only on real device, not iOS Simulator, and you should have apps like Instagram, iPhoto, etc. already installed into your device!
================= */
-(void)checkingInstalledApp {

    NSLog(@"This code works only on device. Please test it on iPhone/iPad!");

    // Make an NSURL file to the processed Image that needs to be saved
    NSURL *fileURL;

    //Saves the Image to default device directory
    NSArray *paths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
    NSString *documentsDirectory = [paths objectAtIndex:0];
    NSString *savedImagePath = [documentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"savedImage.jpg"];
    UIImage *image = _imageView.image;
    NSData *imageData = UIImagePNGRepresentation(image);
    [imageData writeToFile:savedImagePath atomically:NO];

    //Load the Image
    NSString *getImagePath = [documentsDirectory stringByAppendingPathComponent:@"savedImage.jpg"];

    // Creates the URL path to the Image
    fileURL = [[NSURL alloc] initFileURLWithPath:getImagePath];
    imageFile = [UIDocumentInteractionController interactionControllerWithURL:fileURL];

    // Open the Document Interaction controller for Sharing options
    if (fileURL) {
        // Initialize Document Interaction Controller
        imageFile = [UIDocumentInteractionController interactionControllerWithURL:fileURL];
        imageFile.delegate = self;
        [imageFile presentOpenInMenuFromRect:CGRectZero inView:self.view animated:true];

Hi; please can you add Gif support for the pictures. Thank you

how much it will cost if i want you to do it as a custom work for me

For customization requests, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.


We’re going on vacation until Jan 2nd, we’ll be still able to respond to comments but not to code. Happy Christmas to everyone!


can i add new font?

Hi, yes you can, this app has already custom fonts, you can all new ones, no limit.

sms/messages doesn’t show as an option in UIDocumentInteractionController

Yes, UIDIC doesn’t handle SMS app, you would need to use an Activity Controller, but then you wouldn’t be able to open the image on instagram or other apps. Cheers!

Hi, I’m getting a third party developer in customising this app. One of the key factors were to be able to upload my own stickers/frames. They say its possible for only one category using a admin panel. If I have multiple button for the different categories, they say its not possible because there is no relational ID. If they hard code the stickers/frames, they will charge me a lot of money which is the reason why I want it self managed. Please advise. I want this feature because its more user friendly.

Hk the User Guide explains where to paste your own .png graphics into CLImageEditor.bundle file, check page 4 and 5.

Hi, I mean the categories like your comment here. ‘An alternative solution to have multiple stickers categories may be the option to add new sticker buttons on the toolbar, like Stickers2, Stickers3 (or whatever name you want to give to the new buttons)’

That’s a customization job we’ve done a few months ago, it cannot be explained by comments because it’s too complex, you may contact us by our profile’s contact form to request a customization job and we’ll get back to you with a quotation asap. Anyway, what we’ve done was to add extra controllers and toolbar buttons for Stickers, so you can see Stickers button, then Stickers 2, etc. in the toolbar in the Image editor section. Easy to say, hard to code. Cheers!


I need to be able to upload new stickers in a really simple way! Is possible to have a kind of painel to do this?

Also can the stikckers be for some location in specific, just like snapshat?

I know that this is a modification, but I can pay for it..

Cheers, Daniel

Hi Daniel, for customization requests pease contact us by our profile’s contact form and explain us in details what you need and for what app template. thanks!

Hello, I’m very interested to buy this source code, but I would like to know if I can Change the text font to other languages like Chinese using otf file. thanks

Hi, yes you can.

hello bro, i found and issue with frames. If i tap on frame for example square frame and then tap on another frame for example circle frame the first frame doesn’t change but overposed to the first frame…cand you help? peace

that’s not an issue, it’s just how the template work, you can overlay framew like stickers, if you want to remove a frame then double tap on it

I want to rename tool . How do I change the names of tools? I want to change name of “sticker” tool to “objects” . Please help.

i’m not in office so i can’t access the code, but you may use the Finder tool in Xcode and just search for ”@Sticker, you’ll get to the.m file where tools names are and can rename the strings as you wish

Hi, I want to buy your product. Is there any chance i can get it in swift? Also the image editing you are using, is it purely native or are you using any 3rd party plugin for editing?

Hi, not swift version, sorry, and as the description says, the inage editor is a 3rd party framework which we have edited anyway

Hello, does this app have the ability to slice a single image into multiple images to be published on instagram as a “Grid” or Large profile image? Similar to the app “Instagrids”


hello. where can you add admob interstitial ads, i can’t find it

as the user guide says, you must replace the admob interstitial unid id string with your own unit ID, and you may also need to replace the GoogleMobileAds.framework file with the updated one: http://dl.google.com/googleadmobadssdk/googlemobileadssdkios.zip

hi, I bought PIXL and added some stickers, but tell me how can I change transparency for a sticker? I did not find anything. Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter!

Hi, it’s a complex job to do if you need to add a Slider that will change alpha value of stickers, i cannot explain it by comments and i’m currently not available for freelance work, since that would be an extra customization job. You may search for freelancers on Envato Studio.

I would prefer that you do it, because you know that project and have no long learning curve. When are you available and what would you charge for it?

for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form, mention the app and the job you need in details, and i’ll get back to you asap