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Can save 10 scores ?

it has google leaderboard, which shows all user scoreboard. Thanks

is it possible to make character’s mouth open/close animation

Yes, it is possible, we can do it for you , It is free of charge :)

i got 12 dollar in my account is it possible to make discount

Sorry, there is no system about discount on code canyon

Will there be an AS version soon????

Hello, what mean by AS version ?

you mean iOS version ?

Maybe im missing something but i dont see the images for the background or columns, the heart coin things, in the PSD folder :S how do i Find this? please help thanks

hello can u make The main character ( pixel ) must be animated , 3 sequences minimum , if u update it, i buy it

Yes sir.. nice to work with you :)

very nice game, the code is very well done and easy to edit . having good support and the developer is very helpful. Nice guy to deal with , Willing to buy more codes from him

Thanks you sir :)

Looks interesting!

Thank you !!

whether it uses buildbox ?

Yes it made by Buildbox :)

read my email thanks :)