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Your live preview apparently isn’t working here

HI, yes apologies are demo currently isn’t working

I followed the discussion to know if it has a demo, but until today nothing, it is difficult to buy a product without knowing how it works …. nor does it have images, it should have more images of the game, it is no use to buy because the fight for reebolso is great

We do have a video preview which should give you a good idea as to how the game works. https://vimeo.com/179875162

Right, but some information would be interesting on the page of purchase, ex. If you need vps, if you need node js if you need socket, we can not buy and then can not use in shared hosting, how to extend the game, some information could increase the purchase number because it would be clearer how to use

Thanks for your feedback, were working on improving our products all the time and hopefully with the next version we will update the sales page here too.

To answer some of your questions, its best if the game is run on a VPS its 100% possible to run on shared hosting although you will need to contact your hosting provider if you don’t have access to some areas like ssh.

The game runs on nodejs, and websockers.io so you’ll need to include those within you hosting area but that shouldn’t be a problem.

The game is written in Javascript so if you know basic javascript you’ll be able to edit the game, create new quests etc… following the example quests provided.

In the next version were looking to create an admin panel so you can customise the game from a friendly UI without the knowledge of code.

Any update on the MySQL 2.0 version which was expected for release early April?

Thanks for getting in touch – Unfortunately we had to park the project for just over a month due to some unforeseen issues. I’m excited to share that we are working hard on this product, here’s what you can expect -

- MySQL website, to go along with the game including highscores, account website login etc..

- Completely new graphics, characters, and world map

- New camera angle (removal of the legacy)

- New input controls, sounds

- Admin area to be able to manage all aspects of your game!

- Possible skills, and improved levelling system

We’re super excited to get back on top with our game and hope everyone enjoys the latest updates!

Thanks, Sam

Link demo? UPDATE?

Were still supporting existing customers, and working to update our product, news to follow

Very interesting. I will purchase on the next update.


mugaru Purchased

Already an update released since those last comments? Need to program lots i guess, before the users and their data will be saved to any database, right?


mugaru Purchased

Cool, any idea how long it’ll take before the next update? Would be great to add some things via an admin panel..

Were working on updating all our projects on a cycle you’ll see some big changes fairly soon. We don’t want to rush to deliver a sub-standard update.


mugaru Purchased

alright, can’t wait for the update then!


mystikm Purchased

I am very anxious for this project. I am going to bookmark. Once it has the admin panel to add items, quests and such, I am most interested.

In my script the version is 1.04A, when I buy, the version is v1.2. Wtf?

The Suport Not working! You site is offline.


mugaru Purchased

2 months ago since i bought this item, still no updates… when is this coming? For now its quite useless, and different from what the descriptions says

Hi thanks for getting in touch – Could you please explain what you mean, in regards to not as described? We want to ensure the description is up-to-date so customers aren’t left disappointed.


mugaru Purchased

Well, what i expect when i read the description is that there is such a thing as a normal working Login system. - Version 1.2, but when i start the server its only 1.0A.

- And so much more This is not really true, there is one simple quest and thats it. Thereby when i open/click the inventory or playercard twice it won’t even close anymore.. not hard to fix though, but still quite buggy too.

The overall platform and package of our game, server code, assets, etc.. is currently 1.2. Each code file has its own version much like any other application so that our developers can keep track of what part of the application has been updated. The description doesn’t mention the word “login” so we’re sorry you felt that way.

We have had reports of the bug using the inventory system over the Christmas holiday period and will release a patch shortly to address this along with some other minor bugs.

No one will buy this without showing a video or demo. I would not. I know nothing about this product other than it doesn’t work properly and that you can NOT create even a simple mmo from it which seems very miss leading. Show more detailed info, pictures and demos describing features.

We have a number of happy customers, so I think people will buy it. If a product doesn’t work or isn’t as described CodeCanyon remove it from the marketplace. I’m not sure where you got your information from?

hi, i install on www.pixel-slayer.de but what i can do? now running on map or i have error in system?

hmm ok game is running, but how many berrys i must bring to granny? i run 10x

Hi, thanks for installing – Please contact our support team support@xronnstudios.co.uk.

i have delete from server,

I wish you great sales and great inspiration!

More then 1 1/2 years and no screenshots, now demo … only a short video with one map…. :/

I’m not sure what the point of your comment is here? Its open world so there will only ever be “one map”. Demo has been given out on request, no need for screenshots when you have a video.

hola, alguna demo mas completa? para ver y decidirme en comprarlo

lo siento, ninguna demostración disponible todavía


I was wondering if i could access a demo for player and for admin. I would like to see how easy it is to set up new items/quests/etc as admin, and how game play is as a player.

Also, What are the server requirements to run this game? Do you need node.js or anything similar?

looks like last updates were from 2016, do you plan on updating this more? or is this a dead project that is being sold as-is?

Thank you, Donnie

Video is not a sufficient demo. Will consider purchasing again when able to test.