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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks, appreciate it!

do you have a demo link?

Hi, we’ll have a demo server up within the next few hours. I’ll message again when they’re up and running!

Apologies for the delay were still working on have a public server where our assets and code are protected. We also need to make a few changes to the game itself to give people without the documentation a better idea of what to do on the demo. We’re looking to update the description with public servers this weekend.

Great work :-) GL

Thanks appreciate it!

Hi, Planning to make a game for my school project, hope this helps, just curious what software will be used if i want to reskin it and let my school friends play ?

Hi yes, it’s a requirement that you have your own hosting environment to install the game into. It’s up to you if this is local or a production server, if you plan on installing this game and making it available to other players we would recommend the use of s VPS server, but it’s up to you.

ok , i am waiting for the beta view to be live then i wanna buy this woot woot

Hi, you can view a demo here – www.xronnstudios.co.uk/pixelquest We’re going to spend some time on the demo to make it more presentable to our customers but as you’ve shown a lot of interest you can view the demo early.

Very nice! When i can see a demo? And if i buy this Game… have i my own server? or how will this work?

And can i translate this game maybe?

Hi, you can view a demo here – www.xronnstudios.co.uk/pixelquest We’re going to spend some time on the demo to make it more presentable to our customers but as you’ve shown a lot of interest you can view the demo early.

Thanks. :) I want to see Screenshots from Admin Panel or create maps etc… and i think i will wait for a better Demo before i will buy.. Maybe more functions and better Character Effects when it run.. is “lagging”. And can new user register a new account.. or must begin every day new?

When i you think we can see a better demo?


This product is for developers who wish to build their own game, this product provides a stable foundation for your own game to be built on.

There isn’t an admin panel, or world editor changes to the game are made through the games code base.

where is the demo?

Hi, we currently don’t have a public demo setup, you can view a demo video which shows off the game. You can see a live game preview here – xronnstudios.co.uk/pixelquest

However this is a development build and isn’t as stable as our current product.

Really great product, to clear up any confusion this game gives you a huge first step for anyone looking to build their own multiplayer game. All of the server configuration and a number of key features come included!

Thanks for your feedback, looking to update this product with a bunch of new features shortly!

Hi, any chance i could have a look of the demo or play around the game? thanks

Hi, we don’t currently have a public demo (it is something on our list) however we do have a public video demo, and we can send you additional information/screenshots if you require.

Please it to me, thanks : chikiuso@gmail.com

Sent, thanks for your interest in our product!

I would like to see some pictures of the game: eclipsado111@gmail.com

Please check you’re junk but I have sent again.

How it could put me in touch with you for the installation of the game? I have Hosting and VPs but based on WIndows, I’m not very familiar with Linux

Hi, please contact our support team on support@xronnstudios.co.uk and we’ll help you set everything up.

The demo link is broken. Any ETA for saving game state for players? I am interested in buying, but would need to have this function at least first. Thanks.

Hi thanks for showing interest in our product! Were currently working on a new website including text/video tutorials for all of our products.

However we are also very close to a new update of PixelQuest which will include local storage saving of players profiles. Website account creation and storing this data via a mysql data is something were planning for a big 2.0 release!

Great. Thanks for the update. I will keep an eye open for it. I know these things rarely go exactly on time, but any guess on a time frame?

Wouldn’t be possible to say at this time, were hoping to have a much better schedule and roadmaps available on our new website!

As a side note, this project uses the Phaser game library and there are some guides on using local storage with phaser which might prove useful. If not sit tight and we’ll integrate it into the product within the next update.

can you send me a demo ??? (yogevper[at]gmail.com )

still waiting for the link….

Hi it was sent yesterday, have you checked your junk/spam incase its ended up in there.

saw it in spam , thanks !

Could this be easily used in making an offline adventure game? Easily, as in the mechanics are mostly there for dialogues, movement and actions.

Hello, thank you for your interest in our product. The majority of the codebase e.g animations, movement, invent etc… is all client side so as long as you include the phaserJS library it would be a simple copy and paste.

The main server side functions are used with the chat box (not dialog) and rendering multiple characters.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Duplicate post, woops

The preview is not working, can you email me the link to the demo and also I would like to talk about something else. i tried to visit your website but there was no contact details. So im force to use here

Hi, sorry you had trouble contacting us! We’ve almost finished updating our website so you should find some contact details on their over the coming days. You can contact us at support@xronnstudios.co.uk

If you drop me an email or reply with your email address I can send you a demo of our game, you can also ask any further questions.

Have you demo?

Apologies for the delay, we weren’t notified of your comment. We currently don’t have a demo available but will with the next update!

With which Software is it buildet? Cause i want to change the Language, is it possible? And is it possible to export as Android App, what connect a website / html version??

You ve a install Service? If i ve a blanc viritual Win Service?

Hello, if I’m understanding your question correctly this game is built in Javascript, and the server side language uses nodeJS & sockets. You could use a service such as phonegap to export a jaavscript game to mobile devices.

demo please?

This looks very interesting. Is there a demo available? How difficult is it to set this up? Is there any sort of admin/management panel/controls?