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Very nice and cool game! You’re building a great porfolio here :)

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it :)

See. This is the reason why I hold off on buying any HTML5 games. Simply to purchase gems like this one. Quality game here, please don’t ever leave Codecanyon. lol

Oh, I scared a bit at the beginning :D Thank you so much for your kind comment :)

Nice work! : -)

Thanks! :)

Do i need to purchase Construct 2 to edit the the share button, and more games link?

You can edit the js code w/o Construct 2 or mail me I can change it for you.

Very nice, do you have great ideas! Congratulations! I wish good sales!

Thank you so much! :)

I want to buy this, can u help me setting admob :)

Of course, I can help you! Please send me a mail: :)

Hi, Is it possible to add Google leaderboard?

Yes, you can do it with cocoonjs.


Leaderboard and Achievements:

Export with cocoonjs:

Admob with Cocoonjs:

If you need to ask anything you can always mail me:

Thank you for purchasing!

Just one thing is missing. The good old upgrades people love ;) And I’ve you have added a person with is shooting with weapons it would have been a great defense game

Thank you for your comment and great suggestion :) I’ll take care ;)

Lovely characters!! :)

Thank you! :)

Hi.nice game!The last stage is interesting. It would be better if I could tweet my score.

Thank you! :) Great idea, thanks for your suggestion. I’m gonna note this for the next updates ;)

it will be great if by every 10 levels there is a huge zombie kind of a boss, walks slower but takes more damage to beat while other zombies spawn as well untill you beat the big one.

Will spice things up ;D Cheers

Got it :) Thank you very much for your great comment! Be sure, I will consider this in the next update. Kinds ;)

Hey there,

I wanted to try out the Android version on Google Play, but it only shows a splash screen and then it goes blank and that’s it. I’m using Android 4.2.


Thanks for the feedback. Which device are you using ?

when i play the game in browser, i get his error: Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)

The html version needs to be in a server in order to run. For converting to IOS you don’t need to upload it to server. It will work after you convert it locally without a server.

can you explain to me how to convert it, or do you have a link to a guide? thanks

There is lots of tool to convert it. You can use Phonegap, IntelXDK, Cocoonjs, Ejecta. I don’t have much knowledge about IOS converting. I am using IntelXDK crosswalk to Android export. Phonegap is popular for ios exporting as far as I know. Check the methods and select one works for you. I haven’t any guide currently for IOS exporting and exporting as Mobile App w/o Construct 2.

Sorry, I am going to sleep right now. If you have any further questions, you can mail me:

Hi, Does this have documentation?

Thanks for your interest. Yes, the documentation is included. Also, I’m always here to answer your questions!

what kind of server do i need? is there any need of a php server? Actually i have a server which support only html5, css3, js and jquery…… ?

Thanks for your interest! Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s Linux or Windows, but Windows server may be a little problematic about sounds sometimes. Your server seems just fine. Please mail me for any questions:

dear foxfin

i sent you email.

Just replied :)

Hello, I am very interested to buy this game, I have 2 questions: Do you have any idea to update the game with more levels, it may take a little longer to get the “final wave”? You are able to share with facebook? I noticed that is shared with twitter

Sorry my english

Hi, thanks for your purchase! I don’t think I will add new levels to this game, but you can ask someone to do this for you in Scirra Forum. About Facebook share, here you can check:

Please mail me if you have any other questions:

Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your interest! Sure, you can use it without changing the graphics.

Please mail me if you have any other questions:

I have interest this game and I’ll buy it .But I need share to facebook than twitter when click share button . Can I edit it?

I have try to download on mobile (zenphone3) , It’s Force stop.

Of course, you can edit. Please mail me about the issue: