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Looks cool, 2 questions: Does high score storing work on mobile/android too? (how do you pack it after construct, using phonegap or something else?) Possible to use accelerometer and tilt device instead of touch/drag?

Thanks! -Storeage works fine on mobile/android too, -You mean export it for android or ios device ? You can use cocoonjs for it. -Good idea, I will add accelerometer and tilt control If you need more information, you can mail me.

Hey RS, about the tilt control, I decided that not adding to the game, I am sorry about this. However I like tilt control idea, I will make games with it.

live preview, again, does not work on iphone

Hey, I could not test on iphone cause I don’t have one thanks for feedback. Did you close the codecanyon header maybe it helps, and if it still does not work you can try this link .

Then why say it is “Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)” ?

Checked out link on iphone – game box appears in appx. 11% of the screen, touch response is slow

Sorry about this, I will add a note for WebGL support. Thanks again.

Hey there, Does the game work on android and iphones? Thanks

Tested on android but I am not sure about all iphones due to webgl support but new ones should support it. I tried iphone 4s on it works. You can try all device on browserstack,too.

any chance on iphone 5 support?

Did you try to play? It should support iphone 5. By the way, I have tried on iphone 5s…

Hi, I can not see scores displayed when viewing on IE. Does the high score storage work in the demo? Cheers


Thank you for purchasing and feedback! I checked it on IE 11 (Desktop on Windows) and there is no issue.

Can you mail me the version and device that you are using to preview ? mail : Thank you.

Hi I have sent an email with screen shots. I am using a Windows phone – lots of games don’t work on these so its not a surprise.. This game works great on all other devices and browsers. Cheers

I’m gonna check it, thank you so much!

Why sound is not work? Can you to add sound and background music? Will be glad if you make it.

Why sound is not work? Can you to add sound and background music? Will be glad if you make it.

How to export that game in the IOS AppStore?

The game doesn’t have any sounds. You can easily edit the .capx file(with Construct 2 free version) and add some sound.

I do not do it, but here’s the tutorial:

To export the game for IOS platforms:

Please do not hesitate to mail if you have any problems: