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Awesome game, very creative script. Only $9 _ Our staff must be too busy with new codecanyon UI.

Thank you~ The new UI looks more directly,that’s so good~


Is the game responsive for mobile?


Hello,I have tested on android,but it not runs well…facebook and save image feature didn’t work.because the game was written for browser.I can fix the image saving feature,but I can’t do more work with facebook feature.That is so difficult to me.I also found it is hard to painting on small screen.

Looks good! Will order it once I get some more money.

thank you,recently I will update facebook feature~

Hi , good job :)

I use for the first time construct2 is a great tool. 2 quick questions for you :

- I want to export the image with transparent background, is this possible? or I would like to automatically export the image with white background

- I want to export the image without the “tools”


It cant’ be done,because even stay in white,the canvas has no transparency.

Ok , thanks for reply

Possible to erase or to delete would be nice to have :)


Good job. But Facebook Share button doesn’t work. How can I fix it?

Share feature was made by clay.io.Some times clay.io doesn’t work well.

Would it be possible to change the pixel colors for images?

Yes,the color is a little PNG file,it’s easy to do that.

Can it be made to draw straight lines and not pixelated? I saw some tutorial in Scirra about it. Also the canvas seemed to be able to do erase and can an image be imported to be filled in? This might be good just to see how you did some things anyway..a tener is not alot :P

I like this and could find it useful how would I save it without the bar and can it be resized I think it be great to offer a 150 to 150 image to my users that make there own avatar via pixal art.

Sorry for late reply.This game wouldn’t be upgrade these days.If you have construct2 it will be done easy.

Hi there! Can you change grid to this pattern: http://kandipatterns.com/images/blank/bignonumbers.gif I am willing to pay for the upgrade… Please let me know.

Sorry for late reply,The game was just designed for square grid,it can’t be changed.Recently I am busy with my new job so I can’t take your ask,sorry about that.

It looks great. GLWS!