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Using Gradle or not?

Slow? :O Gradle makes the project so much easier to setup, and it doesn’t have a performance affect in the game whatsoever. It organises the project effectively.

We don’t offer the project without gradle, as it would do much more harm than good.

but i never successful import Gradle project, the process of importing is too slow and then project cant be run. i will buy if you guarantee i can import and run my project.

We made a video to import it within two minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRQDNL88jXM

We also provide you detailed documentation on how to get everything setup and details of aspects of the project. As long as you have Eclipse and the necessary items installed (outlined in our documentation), you will be able to import the project.

On top of that, we’re always here to help you get things ready!

Support in android studio ?

Right now it doesn’t support Android Studio, but we’re working on supporting it and it will be coming very soon!

Nice Game! GLWS!

Thanks! You too!

Can you please share APK or link to the game..

Hi, Does this project support Android Studio? :)
If not, can we expect support to come anytime soon?

Support for Android Studio has been added!

awesome! :D

Be sure to rate this product if you feel like it! http://codecanyon.net/downloads

i buy source code and I wait Android Studio support. Plz fast )

Hi Murad!

We’re working on Android Studio compatibility right now. In the mean time, it’s really simple & quick to get it up and running on Eclipse! Check out the documentation and video on setting it up.

If you need any help or wanna know how things are going, add us on Skype: clutzzz


Hello, I built the game and, when launching, the Google Play Games does not sign in correctly (it says “Failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again”). I just modified (in the configuration file) the achievements and leaderboard ID’s. Is it necessary to modify anything else?

I also added the admob ad ID but the game does not load any ad. What can be the problem? I added you to skype. My skype is sergio.fernandez.yt


Fixed with you on Skype =)


Amazing Work

Awesome work mate