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admob banner ads are included right? What about swfit 2.1 I see apple just released xcode 7 and swift 2.1 yesterday

yes, it’s included! We’ll check it out about 2.1

Hey, I just purchased your app and it is amazing quality! Just wondering if it would be easy to replace the admob banner with iAd? Also is there an android version?

It should be easy to replace the AdMob banner with iAd (the only difference would be dealing with a height constraint in the layout as the iAd can grow on certain devices). If you want more information or some guidelines about it, just tell us. However, we may add it in a future update, so you can also just wait.

For the moment, there is no Android version but we are thinking about it.

Many thanks for your purchase!

Thank you! Are you available for a custom development on this project for a quote?


yes, we are available for a custom development.

Email us at explaining the idea and we will move forward from there.


Any Appstore link?

Sorry, we have not submitted the app to the Appstore.

Hello. Before i purchase the code i was expecting to draw by swiping not tapping every single one of the pixels. Can you update the code so user can draw by swiping not tapping? or can you guide me how to do it?

hello i sent you email yesterday still no answer. can you answer me today?

I have just sent you an email.

it works perfect. Thank you so much. GREAT SUPPORT.

Nice work! Good Luck


We would like to use your drawing app AS PART OF a larger app; is this something that’s possible with the files you provide?