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how does this compare to Image to SVG and Image to base64?

I like this idea, but I think there is already such tools. This program converts pixels to box-shadow in CSS :)

think you misunderstood, i meant how does it compare with SVG and base64? does it make the css smaller than these? I am looking for a reason to use box-shadow instead of SVG or base64 css… I like that you found a new method of converting images to css… I just want to use the one that makes the smallest CSS…

Sorry, I get what you mean. Unfortunately, the pictures with box-shadow are larger than SVG and base64. This is not a solution in this case.

can it use as simple image copy protect (cann’t click & save image from browser)?

Yes, but with larger images browser crashes. This is useful mainly for small images. However, if you do that, your CSS code can be copied.

Once download the program how to let go?

There’s described in the documentation. I wrote you an e-mail in case you have problems again.

It seems like a single image generates a lot of code. Can this be a good solution for larger images, such as 1200×800 for example?

No, browser crashes.

Very useful tool, good luck with sales! :)

is this a web app ?

No. This application is for PC with Windows

Congrats Bro! . Welcome to Envato Family. Go ahead.