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yeah what he said!

what do u mean sir .

You should change the graphics of a game when your copying (cloning) a game. The platform is the exact same, and build box do have copyright on their graphics as their designs are made by them. Not ketchapp you have to worry about, but Trey. anyway at the end of the day you do need to tell your customers to reskin the graphics and its then up to them to change them. Good luck with it

thank u sir.

pls tell us that you have ios version too?

yes sir i have it i am working on it now

Sounds good, I think you are good developer. Do you want work for me and earn good money. if yes email me. Thx.

what kind of jobs you have.this is my email you can contact me kermou@programmer.net

is this in buildbox too?

Hi, I thought I was going to get the buildbox source as well. Will I get that? I only see the android build..

please email me khamps@gmail.com, I need to buildbox project file. thank you

hi sir if u read the description and the title there is no project file mentioned. for the project file you can buy it alone.

please email me khamps@gmail.com, I need to buildbox project file. thank you

you can find the project file here http://www.kermoulab.com

Hi kermoulab, i dont know to use buildbox , if i buy this game, do you reskin for me?

hi sir . source code does not include buildbox project for resking service please check our website for more info.

Hello, I find it hard to get graphics for your game, can you please tell me what kind of graphics should i search for or the url of the asset pack, most graphics i found here are flat, your game is curvy, i didn’t buy it yet, but i want to make sure that i will find graphic for it. thx

nothing is impossible brother.if i did it you can also do it .all the graphic used in the game is simple it took only 1h to create it for the main character you can search for a designer on fiverr to make it for you. for more info please dont hesitate to contact me

Hi, tested your demo apk…its really super. My pre sale question is, 1.Do it support both admob banner and interstitial ads? Can i see the screenshots, so i can buy confidently. 2. How many graphics i need to change? Thanks in Advance.

hi sir thank u to contact me before buy . 1 = yes it support both banner(game menu,main game,game over and pause game scenes) interstitial(once the user fail 3 time the ad shows ). 2 = background,platform,buttons,player. thats all its simple like 123. :).

Hello, Is this item include a bbdoc?


hi sir thank you for contacting . sorry it does not include the project file,but you can find it here www.kermoulab.com/games/pit-jump-endless-run/ . if you have any question please dont hesitate to ask.kind regards

is this project in eclipse ready to use?

yes sir it can work with eclipse

i cannot open in eclipse… and i follow the guide in the package

please follow documentation step by step

Do i need buildbox to reskin the game (graphics and admob id). I don’t have buildbox.

no sir,u can resking it like other app

Hi I can’t find the app files when opening it via android studio to change the admob ID, game name and version.. can you please send the documentation step by step for android studio as it is there for eclipse..

if you send me that, i want to buy many Apps from you..

hi sir the game is only working on eclipse.regards

hello , can you please send me the download link for eclipse, appreciate it.

you have already got the download link in your dashboard

This developer is total garbage.. don’t put that its made with buildbox and not include the file you POS