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What’s the difference between this and the parallel.net? Don’t they both essentially do the same thing?

Actually they both do something different. I probably should have included the word cyclic/recurring/repeat in the name of parallel.net.

Parallel.NET – Repeats 1 or more tasks at defined intervals infinitely or for a fixed number of iterations. Each task has its own schedule. Observers can be notified on task completed, passing along the task output data.

Pipeline.NET – Funnels and infinite number of tasks into a set number of pipelines/threads and queues the remaining tasks, scheduling them either by priority scheduling or first come first serve.

AP, Thanks for the clarification!

Hello again.

Some minutes ago I asked you something in Parallel.NET. So, can you answer me the same questions for Pipeline.NET too, please?

Thanks again

Hi meridiano,

Pipeline.NET is a .NET component that needs to be incorporated within a .NET application. It can be used in any .NET application no matter where it is hosted.

To execute classic ASP scripts you would need to create an IPipelineTask which executes a script and then have the PipelineScheduler run that task.

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I purchased pipeline.net a while ago and must say it has saved me a good amount of time in multithreading in my wpf application. I requested a timeout feature a while ago and the author was even nice enough to implement it (I still need to test it though :-) )

Good product. Recommended !

We are glad to help and appreciate that you have worked with us to create better product.

I have confidence that the new feature will work as described and you will be quite happy, however if there are any problems we are on hand to support you at support.avantprime.com.

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Thank you very much. We are always on hand to help.


I purchased the HPC Bundle which contains this Pipeline.NET. However this version has been updated recently, but the one in the bundle has not.

Please advise

Hi Yaney,

We are in the process of updating all our products including HPC.NET which will be updated in the next few days. You will be alerted shortly. I hope this answers your question.


The HPC.NET bundle has been updated. If there are any issues please contact us at https://support.avantprime.com

Hi I am looking to buy a component that can configure the track approvals etc, Do you have any updates on this, i need a server update like document approvals


Is the .Net Pipeline Product still available for purchase? – I can’t find your website to get more information about the product.