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Its android studio or eclipse project

Android studio.

You supposed to give update to old PIP Camera Effect … Instead Created new listing :( Sad

There is wast difference between these 2 appps

good job , very nice ;)

There is a problem in demo does not open

In which devise ?

Good luck with sales.

You Can Add new forms in an easy way. Or is it you need knowledgeable in Java

Need to change in java file.

how i can make new image i try it with the with image that good but to make dhaow how for FR…png

i have resolved with no support

Sorry i was away

i ask about aviary SDK if is necessary to change key and secret key?

Yes please change that too.

Can I re upload it to google play as my own? or I must modify it?

You must modify it.

hi sir i like you app i still have a problem with the pip camera it keeps crashing when i change the frame. can you fix the error please. my old account was hacked please email me with any thing new at kermoulab@gmail.com. thank u sir.

I sent you mail.

sorry here is the correct one kermoulabz@gmail.com i forget the “z”

admob banner and intersititial ? and what’s the confdiguration it appears when you open the app ? when you choose a photo ? when you take a photo ? or what ? thanks

Yes banner and interstitials is there you can select photo from gallery or capture photo. To arrange in pip photo frames. Thanks