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Hello, I got error when trying build apk, please see this screenshot

Hi Send me Team Viewer ID and Password.

Contect me on mail.

Hi, i am interested to purchase this app. Which version supported by this app.? Min. API – Max API Level.

got my mail ?

pwd : s454if

What Fire base supposed to do ? What data I will get with the help of Fire base ?

You can check your current live active user, admob and lot more thing

App is stopped when crop process is finish in Xiomi device

Thanks for suggetion but we test app couple of time there are no issue like this.

We will test app again and test it if there are issues we will update soon

May be issue for large Image size due to large Heap?

We already put “largeHeap = true”.

hey, how can we add moe stickers categories

Yes you can add more stickers category by some lines of code.

This code is really a big garbage,the documentation is so poor,we can’t add more stickers categories,there is only 2,we can’t use more than 8 stickers on each one,& almost begginer will keep the same json file of Firebase included & that’s could cause them google suspension.bad support

Hi zackaria11,

Without purchased our item how you can say like that.

Please read our product review then comment like this

We always give our best quality product to our clients, buyers and customers.

So don’t comment like this again without seeing our product.


we are two person working for the same account,& your code was purchased by my partner account her,we will ask for a refund once my friend comeback to the office,you don’t give me support to add stickers categories and stickers,so it’s clear,also we checked out the documentation,nothing there .

i just fixed my problem myself,even if u don’t help me,but i’m sorry for the previous comment,i want to delete it but i can’t. this code is good guys,& GDWS.

It’s ok i fixed the issue by choosing the same min sdk and taget sdk on all the libraries of the project,so if someone heat the same issue after updating the gradle,just do this plz

Thanks for suggetion.

Hi, I tested the apk installed. When browse photos from the gallery, it takes so long to get thumbnail list of the photos unlike the other application.

Hi if i buy it can you show me how to localize it and reorder icons position ?

i want to buy this application.But i cant see admob banner and interstitial on demo apk. Can u send me demo apk with admob?

Sorry for inconvenience, Google disable ads because app is not live in play store.

plz can you tell me how to fix this problem ?

Error:Android Source Generator: [PIPCollageEditor(Admob)] AndroidManifest.xml file not found ?

Hello sir my friend bought your project and i am helping him adding a background in picture instead of color on all activities i cannot find the mainactivity xml layout can you please let me know how to add a picture background in main app activity or let me know where is it to add the background there, thanks

hello can you please check your email

Check your mail


Check your email address i m facing some errors please faster

OK bro let me check.

can you please reply me??

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reply me??

OK bro let me check.


apptiko Purchased

Hi , when m loading to the android studio its showing errors, can you please help , or update the code with latest SDK

Send me code loading to the android studio. please check email

Apakah kode ini sdh ada pebaharuan ?