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Hello, i buy this plugin but have big bug, plugin show me only 8 thumbails, not all. Table have 24pins, header section in my site show 24 pins, but gallery only show 8. Widget weight/width is 1200px.

Please send me an email directly from my profile page

The plugin was showing 8 thumbnails because you have a custom wordpress structure. The 8 thumbnails are normally shown in a multiple post/pages view where you want to view a few pins before entering the page/post. I updated the plugin to include your custom WP structure. You can wait until it goes live on codecanyon or you can send me an email from my profile page with your credentials so I can upload it directly.

I’m looking for a plugin that will allow multiple Pinterest Boards to be displayed in one blog. Most plugins I’ve looked at seem to have an option for one board or one user to be displayed. I want to create many posts and link a post to a board. Is this possible with your plugin?

Yes! The plugin can display multiple boards/users feed in the same post/page. This is done using multiple shortcodes, one for each board you would like to show. Each shortcode will display its specific board or user feed.


The plugin is looking great! Is it going to work with GIFs anytime soon?

I haven’t tested it on gifs yet but it’s a good idea for an update!

I understand the only way to show multiple boards is by using multiple shortcodes, but I really don’t like the way that works. Could you please consider revising the code so you could pick more than one board and have them displayed together in at once so the layout is more organized?



Hello Paul. Showing multiple boards with the same shortcode requires a complex code rewrite, not just revising parts of the code, which is now not very feasible. Perhaps in the close future. Thank you.

Hi, i buy this plugin. I want to know if i could display, for example, 8 pins and a button to show more pins , its possible?


No, currently this is not possible. You can show as much pins as you choose to show, with a max of 50.

I’m having a problem with this plug-in when it’s used with Visual Composer. Basically if I embed a PinWorks+ shortcode in a Visual Composer page, the entire page except for the header disappears. I’ve tried adding the shortcode to Visual Composer, I’ve tried putting a Visual Composer HTML post & then putting PinWorks inside of it, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

Hello. The plugin hasn’t been tested with Visual Composer nor advertised as working with it.

Heho Artorius,

I purchased your PinWorks + Wordpress Pinterest Gallery Widget and it’s running here:

The problem is, that the first time when u come to the site, the pinterest gallery is not loading. Only when I reload the site, the pins are shown right. Can you help me out with that problem?

Thank you

Kind regards

Fabian aka NUI NOIZE

Hello Fabian. Your website seems to be loading pages dynamically and not loading the plugin when you switch from one page to the one with pins. It doesn’t happen if you acces this page directly. I will take a look on how exactly your website is functioning.

Hello. Are you using data from the RSS feed or the API. As in will I need to sign in to my Pinterest account from this plugin for it to work?

Hello kjbenk. The plugin uses data from the API and there is no need to be logged in an account. Everything is public.

Hi! Just further to paulrus’s comment… I would definitely buy this plugin if it was compatible with Visual Composer :) I really like that I can enter a specific user board OR I can enter just a user and get the latest pins across all boards.

Thank you. Perhaps in a future upgrade :)

Hi! Really love the look and functionality of the PinWorks + Wordpress plugin. However, I notice from some user comments that there may be some issues when used in conjunction with Visual Composer. If I was to buy this plugin and found it didn’t work, would I be able to get a refund, or is there a ‘no returns’ policy on Envato products?

Also, what’s the max amount of pins that can be displayed?

Many thanks, David

Hello David. The plugin hasn’t been tested with Visual Composer and probably it will not work properly with it (it won’t be available in the VC editor once its shortcode has been inserted into the page).

PinWorks+ can display the latest 50 pins from a board/user and multiple boards/users can be displayed in the same page (multiple instances of the plugin with different settings).

I believe Envato’s refund policy is available if the product does not work as advertisted, but I cannot guarantee that. Hope I shed some light, David. Regards, Cristian

Hi. I have more than 100 photos (pins) in some boards and I want to display all of them as photo gallery on my website. So what is the maximum number of pins that can displayed with this plugin?

Hello. The plugin can display a maximum of 50 pins in a board/user. It is a limitation of the API that Pinterest is offering.

Hi! I also experienced the same issue as the earlier poster with only 8 images showing up in my Wordpress sidebar, when I wanted 16. My solution was to edit the pinworkplus.js file and swap the “8” for “16” having read the code in the editable file. It would be great though for this to be a configurable option so I don’t have to change the js file every time you update. Great plugin! Any chance?

Hello. I will have that into consideration :) The idea was to have some of the pins displayed and when viewing a page or post to show all of them.

Hi, is this plugin still being updated and compatible with Wordpress 4.5?

The other Pinterest feed plugin crashes when I update to WP 4.5

Indeed, works and looks awesome on 4.5!

Is there any way to remove the grey background? (#E9E9E9)

Sure, remove the background-color property of the .pindiv_container class from pinworksplus.css

Thanks! Will try

Hi there,

Can i change the space/margin between the images? Its really close to each other in the example, but when i installed it the space between the images are bigger.

Help please

Ohh thats too bad, because the space is too much between the images now. If i knew before i would look for an other plugin. Thanks

You have to understand that the space between the images depends on the resolution of browser and width of the page in WP. Someone else will see the image columns with more or less distance between them. This is also the way Pinterest pins are design on their website and one of the design goals of this plugin.

I understand, and it works great though. Really! I changed the size of the images and it’s exactly how i want it!

Good afternoon:

I just bought this plugin and I see it is very useful :). I have an “aesthetic ” question . Is there any way to change the greyish background for a white tone?

Thanks in advance

regards, Marina

Hello. You can do that by editing some files with a CSS text editor. Remove the background-color property of the .pindiv_container class from pinworksplus.css


far33z Purchased

How do I allow user to click to source link?

You should enable Show source link.

Hello, I recently submitted an inquiry regarding this plugin if it’s possible for the pinterest cached images to load via HTTPS by default instead of HTTP. I took a look and saw pinterest cached images are capable of being loaded over HTTPS.

Hello and sorry for the late reply. So you want the images to be loaded over https, that will require a customization in the plugin. First, I will have to check what changes must be made.

Okay thanks, if it ever comes out for future updates let me know! :)

Just bought your plug-in, works great, easy set-up! I’ve already succesfully removed the grey background.

2 questions: How to remove te rounded edges of every picture? Also every picture had a white bar beneath, can i remove this?

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your exemly fast reply! Haha, i can imagine you want to live there, it’s indeed a beautifull Island :). I’ve succesfully removed the rounded edges and white border, now the pictures look pretty great integrated in the website.

There is stil another challenge: The pins/pictures aren’t displayed on the iOS (iPhone 7) browser. (Haven’t checked other mobile browsers yet) On the desktop it works fine, and its fully responsive. (so that doesn’t seem the problem). Can you fix this?

Some more info, just found out: iPad works fine, the iPhone works too (but you have to turn first to landscape, then you can go back portrait, no need for reloading the page)

Seems like it is a responsive issue afther all. The minimum width for displaying anything should be altered, where can i do that?

There is no minimum width. I don’t have an Iphone 7 to test, but what would I do is adjust/remove some css properties from the containers and pins to see how that previews.

Does not seem to work with WordPress Multisite. Can’t get plugin to even show up.