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is that possible to make this plugin work with your other plugin “Wordpress Pinterest automatic plugin” I mean like I want to add a board as a gallery to my wordpress website and after I add it, the other plugin should start to pin the image sin this gallery to my own pinterest boards.


- This plugin display the gallery images directly from Pinterest and so you can not use the other pinterest automatic to pin images from it.

Hi Doe’s it work with a responsive template (webpaint) Is it possible to have mansonry gallery like in pinterest or is it always square thumbnails? Thank you regards

- The plugin draw images according to the screen size so if the screen fits one column it shows only one if two it shows two so it should work with your template

- The plugin already displays a masonry layout but thumbnails size is the same for all displayed pins

Pre Sale Question

1:- Its awesome but only a thing in my mind is that the post are opening on same page . It can’t be open as normal post.

- This plugin does not post pins as regular posts but in case you want to post your pins as posts to your site you can check my other plugin

Note: this other plugin does not make a gallery like the current but it posts the pins as posts which can be displayed as a Gallery if you used any gallery plugin that supports custom post types

any hope for increase the number of pins per especific board?? 25 is so small :( thanks

Yes I intend to increase this asap.

Hi…this looks exactly like what I need! I have two pre-purchase questions:

- Can you choose to set the width but not the height, or vice verssa? Or choose % instead of pixels?

- Does it use whatever lightbox is included in the theme, or does it use it’s own lightbox? (Looks like PrettyPhoto in your video, but my theme uses another that doesn’t have ‘100% full size’ button. I would ideally like items to open at 100% size instead of ‘fit to page’ but if it uses the theme’s lightbox, that won’t be possible, probably.


- Firstly the maximum allowed pin thumbnail size in the gallery display is 200px width and 200px height

- Images are displayed as a cover this means it will always fit the box.

if the original width is lower than the thumbnail width it will stretch to fill the thumbnail width then and the height cropped to the the thumbnail height

if the original height is lower than the thumbnail height, it will stretch the height to fill the thumbnail height and the width will be cropped to fill the box also

as example this thumbnail image

it will display as follow at the 200px width and height

for more info Google “background-size cover”

- PrettyPhoto is included and integrated and you don’t need to have it.

You are welcome :)

Unbelievable… Author totally ignores a support question I sent over 3 days ago. Still no response. Now I have to wait another week because he’s getting married?? Totally unprofessional. Utter disregard for paid NEW customer!

@foifer I have another plugin from this author and he is usually very fast & very helpful with response within 24 hours. If he is taking time to answer queries it must be extenuating circumstance!

Thank you very much for the support :). and Sorry for any reply delay due to my marriage.

lol I knew you would be back! Congratulations!

Quick question,

You know I have WP Automatic which I LOVE, but I can’t get the pinterest feature to work I am not sure what I am doing incorrectly, I think, i can only make it grab small thumbs not like it does for my other RSS feeds, I have an art site so most important are the images it grabs(especially the size and quality), so maybe this plugin is a better answer anyway? Is this better for Pinterest?

Thanks for your congratulations

- I think you are talking about the “Pinterest” campaign type correct?

if so then this feature get the heights resolution image from Pinterest.

If you think there is an issue please open a support ticket with more details and links so we can check it further

Hey man, is it possible to search/categorize the pins within Wordpress? Would be great to know! Thanks and keep it beaverlicious!

You can select what pins to show for a specific pins gallery or what boards to show for a specific boards gallery

but there is no search/categorize for pins.

Hi – have you been able to fix the amount of pins that can be shown? Currently I only see that you can list 25?

- till now only 25 items can be listed for a specific board.

Hey, just purchased, this is the perfect plugin for what I need. Is it possible to get more than 25 posts on a page? I’ve set maximum number of items to 100, but still 25 per page, I assume that’s not the setting I’m looking for. 25 is really very limiting.

is there a global setting I can change somewhere in the script?

- Currently items are limited to 25 I will try to increase number of fetched pins with coming updates.

unfortunately I have no specific ETA.

I’m so confused. The “live preview” doesn’t look anything like the screenshots or sample video. It’s just a post of a watermelon video – no grid of posts, nothing. I like what I see on your product information page here on codecanyon, but the supposed demo link is bizarre and doesn’t show the item, I think. Is there another demo somewhere that looks like the sample video you’ve posted?

Found that the “Live Preview” link got broken. I have corrected it with a new demo

Thanks for reporting.

Hi. I have more than 100 pins in some boards and want to show all of them on my WordPress site. What is the maximum number of pins that can be displayed with this plugin?

Currently 25 pins/board.

Can you have or does it have the ability to vote or rate an image then a page to display the images in a ascending descending fashion

Unfortunately no.

I have just purchased your pluggin – having problems getting it working do you have documentation?

When extracting the main download file, there is a documentation folder.

If you have any problem getting it to work,

We have a help desk setup for support. Please open a support ticket here.

Regards, Atef

The plugin prompts me with the option to display up to 100 pins, yet when I activate the gallery, its only showing 25. Why is this?

Currently, pins of a single board are limited to 25. I’m looking forward to lifting this limit with the coming update of the plugin

Pinterest till date has no open API. so the plugin acts like the regular user by visiting Pinterest and extracting the pins. and due to currently Pinterest displays 25 pins when the page is visited and update them when scrolling the plugin gets this 25 item

Thanks for your understanding.