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Hi, Looks like a very nice plugin. Is this plugin compatible with Visual Composer? I use the7 theme; do you know if it is compatible with the7?

thank you

Hi missnkbadran!!

Thanks so much! You can include as a shortcode at Visual Composer, very easy! And yes, it is compatible with 7 themes!

Thanks Raf

No worries!

Hi I bought this plugin recently and I am experiencing a problem which I don’t know how to solve. Instead of getting the gallery showed up on my website it is showing me a code:

’, number_photos : ‘9’, scroll_effect_class : ‘seg-scroll-scale’, display_animated_lines : ‘on’, display_icon_pinterest : ‘off’, display_photo_description : ‘on’, display_photo_likes : ’’, scroll_delay : ‘100’, icon_pinterest_effect : ’’, photo_description_effect : ’’, photo_description_size : ‘medium’, photo_description_limit : ’’, photo_likes_effect : ’’, width : ‘100%’, row_height : 200, padding : 0, photo_background : ’’, photo_opacity : ’.3’, photo_effect : ‘seg-normal’, hover_effect : ‘seg-flinders’, hover_photo_filter_effect : ‘seg-normal’, photo_shape : ‘square’, hover_background : ’’, animated_lines_colour : ’’, icon_pinterest_colour : ’’, icon_pinterest_size : ‘medium’, photo_description_colour : ’’, photo_likes_colour : ’’, photo_likes_size : ’’, hover_opacity : ’.3’, custom_css : ’’, load_more : ‘on’, load_more_dinamically : ’’, lightbox : ‘on’, display_social_icons : ‘on’, display_header : ‘off’, header_background : ’’, header_panel_button_colour : ’#c21f24’, header_text_colour : ’’ });


Am I doing something wrong? I only need to display the gallery from one of my pinterest boards.

Please, help.

Thanks a lot

No worries it seems to be working now. Thanks

Hi Bullox25,

Can you send me the website link where the plugin is placed???

Thanks so much! Raf

Hey Bullox25,

Niice! Im glad about that!

Thanks so much for your purchase!!

And dont forget to rating the plugin, it is very important!!

Thanks so much!! Raf

Hi, great plugin, is it possible to change the image size t say, 150×150, at the moment it seems to be stuck on 300xRow Height, I want all images to be square.

Hi Natious,

Thanks for your purchase.

There is no way to be square because the images have different size and the quality will be poor.

Thanks! Raf

I think the lightgallery.min.js that is being distributed in the download is truncated. I got a complete one from the demo page, though.


I feel like the plugin is changing the frame proportions, sometimes a pic is vertical but its frames as horizontal, loosing a lot of info and quality.

Is it possible to change the locked height for locked width? And to have always 100% of the image showing, not just throw the frame shape? Just like pinterest does, fixed width and full image, but yours is prettier because it looks minamalistic.

Hi victoriemini,

Thanks for your purchase.

Please, can you send me the webbie where the plugin is placed?

Thanks Raf

Hi Rafsegat, this plugin do not works for me. i installed it and set up, but it always says User not found!!!. is there have video tutorial to teach how install it correctly ?


Can you send me the URL where the plugin is placed?

Thanks Raf

How did you copy the shortcode on editor?

Thats very weird because there is a “echo do_shortcode( ” on the message..

How did placed the shortcode? By editor or by PHP code?

If you want, send me the credentials on my email rafasegat@gmail.com and you Pinterest User and I configure it for you.

Thanks Raf

Hi Rafsegat, Thanks for your helping. That is not necessary for. i will try with my another website to see if it works

Hi, I’ve recently bought your Pinterest portfolio plugin and it looks good on my website. But the popup option is not working. How do I get it to work? How do I fix this?

Hi Andy

Thanks so much for your purchase.

Please, can you send me your website where the plugin is placed?

Thanks Raf

Hi, So i have about 5 pages where this plugin is placed. One of the pages is http://maisonstori.co.uk/kitchen/ Cheers

You mean,

The lightbox, correct?



I have just purchased the Pinterest Portfolio widget.


I also have a license for the similar Instgram widget. I am trying to use the both on the same page. However they seem to conflict and only one will work. Is there a fix for this?



I see the following error on lightGallery.min.js SyntaxError: unterminated string literal[Learn More] lightGallery.min.js:2:7679

Hi, Can you please provide an update on this issue? Otherwise I will be seeking a refund with code canyon at the end of the day as there is compatibility issues.

Hi olsharpe

Sorry for my late.

I need have access to your control panel.

Can you send me the credential by email? rafasegat@gmail.com

Thanks Raf

good sales =)

Thanks st1s

Hi, is it possible to change the font in the pin’s description? The one showed during hover?



My pinterest board doesn’t display on my site with your plugin. I can show other boards just fine, but not mine for some odd reason (https://www.pinterest.com/weekendwalls/peel-and-stick-rustic-wood). Is there some setting in pinterest that keeps the board from working with your plugin?

Best, Aaron aaron@drawbridgecreative.com

Any thoughts?.......