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Is there a way to make this only show up on certain pages/blog posts? But seriously, this is wonderful! :)

I am planning on adding this!

Hi Tyler, So when is the date you are releasing that update? Thanks.


Does a Marklet work together with a Widget?

I have some problem with a Widget here – [url removed]


Not sure what you mean, the marklet is working correctly. Which widget were you speaking of?

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!

I’d also like to be able to show the button only on certain pages! Any work arounds in the near term? Thanks!

You could mod the php but it would be a head-ache for users.

I have a solution that will be released soon that works similar to my other plugins with page control.

I see you include 6 buttons to choose from. Are we able to add our own?

The plugin is not designed to easily do so, but if you were handy with PHP and CSS you could ;)

OK great. Changing out images then shouldn’t be to hard. Thanks


I am experiencing some issues with the plugin. I posted here yesterday and I was instructed to foward a message to you guys through the message form on your profile.

I haven’t gotten any reponse yet. Can anybody help me?

Yes I see the ticket opened less than 12 hours ago…. Replied. Please have a little patience.

Can you enable it for specific pages and turn it off for others. Does it works with Lightbox or Lightbox Plus? Not the thumbnails but the large images.

Cant say for certain without an example.

Great work. I love this, thanks

Thank you!


Nice plugin! Can you set the pin button for centrain pages?

The marklet is all done on Pinterests end, right now they use the URL the image was found on (the page.) if they add a way to add your own custom URL I will add it ASAP!


Check out the issue video here: http://www.screenr.com/ABV7

Working perfect for me in every browser I throw at it just like the video I posted in the last comment. You either have JS disabled from the page or something else wonky in the browser. Would you mind clearing cookies and cache and reloading the demo page on video?

Trust me I have already done that. But the Outcomeis is same. Iam am having this issue issue in all my browsers. Also in my laptop and PC. Have no idea what is going on. I have internet download manager installed. I think this is the main culprit behind this issue.

Sounds like it, I have not been able to re-create the issue and as of right now I have no complaints of the plugin not working or open support tickets on the issue.

im considering this plugin but again…need to make this only show up on certain pages/blog posts, if there is no way to do that right now, can you give me a basic direction of what to modify in the php’s?

This plugin rocks! I needed something quick to install, that looks good and that WORKS!

Thanks for this plugin:)

Thank you glad you like :) Let me know if you need any help!

I’m on WordPress 3.6.1 and it still does what the author says it does. It’s definitely better than any Pinterest plugin from the WordPress repository, and actually picks up images in galleries and slideshows.

Positioning is easily controlled (if you want more than just bottom/top left/right) for those with just a rudimentary knowledge of CSS—right in the top of the CSS file. Thanks!

Thanks for the great comment!

Enjoy and let me know if you need any assistance!

Tyler :)

Hey Tyler,

Just bought your plugin. Does not work at all for me :( I’m running WP 3.7.1

The floating Pinterest icon appears, but does nothing when clicked.

Tested on Chrome and FF (latest versions).

Any idea how this can be fixed? Thanks!

Hey there, no known issues I am aware of ATM with this plugin. Open a ticket for me and I will get you setup ASAP, thanks, Tyler.

Hey! Thanks for purchasing a Tyler.TC item, I truly appreciate it! Support for all our plugins and products is conducted through the Tyler.TC Support Forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there a support team member will get to your topic as soon as possible (keep in mind time zones and holidays.) You will need your purchase code and as much info as possible please!

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hi, i’m considering buying this plugin, but i need to know if it will work with all sliders, particularly nivo & revolution.


Should not be any issues, the actual image pulling is done by Pinterest. As long as they are in the source they should be fine.

Hi, thanks. The thing is the regular pinterest pin it button does not work with these slideshows, so if pinterest is still pulling the images, I’m wondering if your pin-it button will work any differently?

The reason I’m asking is one of the comments on here said that your button will actually work with slideshows and galleries. Is there something different about your plugin than the regular pinterest pin it button that will make it work with these elements?

Is there a way to test out if it will work with the slideshows on the site before buying it?

Here are the links to the various slideshows on the site that currently don’t work with pinterest.

http://heathergarrettdesign.com/ http://heathergarrettdesign.com/portfolio-hg/beyond-mid-century/ (here it only grabs the first image—need it to grab all of them) http://heathergarrettdesign.com/pattern-1-color-1/

Not sure if you can help me out here or not. Obviously I wouldn’t want to buy the plugin if it’s not going to solve the problem, and I can’t seem to figure out how to otherwise solve the problem, so I’m really hoping your plugin might do the trick. :)


Sorry but no, this is why I try to stay away from saying its compatible with galleries etc. bc they are all different, and when it comes down to it Pinterest is calling the shots here.

From what I can tell most of the galleries / sliders etc. that do not work with Pinterest are ones that do not include the images at the time of page load. For example if you have a slider with 4 images but the slider only loads the first when the page is loaded, only that image will show up in the picker. This is because the other images are being loaded into the page at other times, making them invisible basically to the picker.

The only real solution I would have for this is to pick a slider / gallery that you can specify to have all content loaded in the page. No pre-loading etc. if you want them all to be visible. This is not really an issue with the plugin, but more an issue of the content being loaded in the DOM of the page.

Hi there,

Great plugin! I was wondering if there is anyway to hide certain images from appearing? I have an instagram feed on the bottom of every page and was hoping I could stop those images from being pulled in as well?


Also, I need some help with this plugin on some other matters; I tried to submit a ticket on your support forum however it keeps saying my purchase code is incorrect? I only bought the plugin yesterday… Can I email you directly?