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Hi, there is a typo on your banner “Multi account Linkedin” ;-)

:))) sr i mistake LOL

Tried to access your demo, kaspersky blocked the website?

Hi, because this is new my domain. So, ...

very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

Tks you so much :)

Script support individual proxy ipv4 or ipv6?


On next version i will build it. Feature simple

hi bro, i got error when i want to add pinterest account. Nothing happen after i click the submit button (i’ve tried it on your sample site, work like a charm but not working in my site)

I sent email for you

wow, a fast support, thank you bro

{“status”: “404”} when I try to add a new account. The software display a window to login in pinterest. After login I always get the 404 error

I sent messeage for you :)

{“status”: ”404”} when I try to add a new account. The software display a window to login in pinterest. After login I always get the 404 error. I have the same error.

Hi, pls do not care. Pls copy url and paste on step 2.

Nothing is clear here…which URL? How about a foolproof manual? It’s frustrating to ask for each step. I cannot work like this. When I pay money for a plugin I am awaiting a minimum of service or at least a working manual. Installing this plugin is guessing and trying. I hope I don’t have to give a bad rating. You should include a proper manual for people not to be frustrated with this software.

Hi, i dont understand you. Maybe you misread. If it not working pls contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you.

Pinterest script is SUPER – AWESOME – GREAT – HOLY OF SCRIPTS. WOW, it’s saved our time.

But it’s need to be look like Facebook script (Repeat after 1day till 365days, not only for one week – can choose years from dropdown menu).

And for manage schedules option, it’s need to have all options avaliable not only edit description & image URL.

At all, it’s super work, thanks.

contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you this feature ;)

Thanks for support, it’s work more powerful now with more days to repeat the posts, thanks for support and wish success for you and please, update your scripts to make them more powerful, God Bless You.

How to fix this error? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in /public_html/pin/upload/application/helpers/common_helper.php on line 134

PM sent..


“Your view folder path does not appear to be set correctly. Please open the following file and correct this: index.php”

Hi pls add my skype tienpham1606. I will help you fix it

It will be great if you add auto follow & auto pin features.. :)

Can I charge people for using the online tool?

Hi pls check the screen shot. Is not it correct? http://prnt.sc/eaas4f

You need edit yourwebsite to your domain.

Get always error:

{“status”: “failure”, “code”: 11, “host”: “coreapp-ngapi-prod-0a01c1ef”, “generated_at”: “Thu, 05 Jan 2017 01:13:56 +0000”, “message”: “API method not found.”, “data”: null}

Hello – yes – thats i do – The Problem was, i was a little confused. On the “Accounts pinterest” all the Showing-Links go to a VK-Website.

The Module works fine and will safe many times. I wich .php you has the linked vk please?

Let me check your other plugins in future ;) Can you tell me, if you has a complete module for all social-channels?

Yes, I will update new temaple on next month. You can see template on Tiger Post

Template? I ask – if you build a Plugin for the futur how has all your social-modules under one head ;)

This is working great and is easy to install. One big suggestion though:

The app for pinterest is named Pinterest Auto post and can be seen by the site administrators. Can you please rename it to something less obvious so we do not get banned?

Why i can’t schedule for only one board. its working when i click 2 or more boards, why isn’t working for a single board? its only “Processing”

You need config cronjob to script working fine


James_D Purchased

Does this script upload to Pinterest or just link to the Pinterest Photo Post?

hi, repeat post function is not working. I selected ” repeat post” and set up ” end day” but it shows ” complete” not ” repeate” on the status of published post. Pls help. Thanks

Script is not posting pictures. I added via link and also via upload. Please advise. Just purchased yesterday and it is not performing as described.


legion85 Purchased

Cannot save posts, please check your email I have sent you an email several days ago.