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There are so many failures that I would not know where to start.

No sicroniza correctly, does not respect the added prices, you can not re-book a day once it has been canceled for some reason ... I do not recommend your installation at all.

And the contact with the support center is very lpento and of a quality until now very improvable


for Code Quality

Can't be installed on Workpress. No functionel wordpress plugin found...

for Flexibility

It's quite good if you need a general booking system. However, if you need a room booking system, this has lots of limitation. It's better to use a hotel booking plugin instead.

This is an old version! Please update to the last version so we also can benefit from bugfixes!

for Customer Support

No customer support. This theme don't make the job and no one help me

for Feature Availability

i am very happy with this plugin , it's 100% all feature as they mention in the demo , thank you so much for this amazing plugin A++ recommended to all

for Code Quality

Too many bugs in this version. No author support... the same plugin with support is available on authors website for $49... Author should have provided the same version with support here as well even if it were to come up with a price...

for Bugs

After less than an hour of use, just learning, I created a calendar and changed some of its properties.
Now, when I try to open that calendar, it hangs with the message "Loading data".
The are many entries like this in the forum and the author request admin access to your site to fix it, It's always fixed, but they don't explain how.

I repeat, they request admin (full) access to your site, even by ftp.

Couldn't they fix this for everybody or at least explain how to fix the problem by ourselves?

I can create other calendars and change them. The problem occurs only with 1 calendar. The system hangs.


for Other

This is a scam .
1.Outdated plugin .2.No compatible information
3.No more update
4.I waste my whole day to fnd out why it's not working .

5.The author sell the lastest version outside codecanyon. I can buy $50 for a single website license but the author choose to scam for small amount of money.

6. At least the the author should write down complatible version of woocommerce and tell people that you won't update this item anymore or set the absurd high price to prevent people buying this plugin .

for Customer Support

the plugin is a scam !! does not work with the latest versions of woocomece, in the author's website the plugin is with version 2.6 that does work correctly, but here they have not updated it.

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