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Hi its been 3 days since i posted a request and no reply yet no. 1915 Support calendar not showing up

please let me know

thanks Nik


I just replied to your ticket. Sorry for the delay.

Hi, is possible to set different room types?


Yes, you can have a calendar for each room type and set the number available.

hello !

Could you answer to my ticket ;) I asked about adding some fields. Its here http://mariuscristiandonea.zendesk.com/tickets/1889


Just replied to your message.

Hello marius, its friday. Is update ready ? :)

Thanks !


I submitted the update. It should be updated in a few hours. Try to send me a PM to send you the update faster.

I’ve sent PM. Thanks ! :)

I just sent you the update.

Ability to sort and export reservations would be nice, also to show reservations for just one day or a range of days. Auto-approve functionality would be great as well. Cool plugin though.


Thanks for the suggestions. I noted them.

One more thing, how do we find the updates you mention? Will they just show in the site’s plugins page or do we have to go somewhere and download them. Also is there a cost and how long can we receive updates for?


You can download the updates from Your Envato Account -> Downloads section. There is no extra charge and you will receive the updates as long as the item is available on CodeCanyon.

There are no instructions anywhere for configuring the tranasactional emails and PayPal. Right now the system is working but failing at PayPal because it can’t send the buyer back to the site. There are no insrutions for what should be added and where. Please advise. This is a live site that may need to be rolled back to Bookingwizz if this can;t be resolved ASAP.

In calendar settings you need to add PayPal API credentials. View the FAQ section to see from were you can get them.

Is there a upgrade instruction? I noticed there is newer version now available but not info on how to safely upgrade.


You can download the update from CodeCanyon -> Your Account -> Downloads, and overwrite the existing files.

Dear sir I wish to buy this plug in for my hotel www.sreeniketanam.com

I need two type customize can you add ebs payment gateway and support INR ?

thanks for advance


I added the Payment system to the To Do list.

What is INR?

Please can you check you inbox, I have messaged a few times, the plugin is not working on my site and I have tested it on 3 other sites purchased from Themeforest. I have followed point 7 from your FAQ and still no luck.. Please tell me what I need to do to make this plugin work? thanks


Please send me the ticket number.

Hi, I sent like 5 messages, one of the tickets is https://mariuscristiandonea.zendesk.com/tickets/1927

I have had to get a programmer to fix it, but the last issue I think I have is that inside the dashboard, when I press the message icon to view bookings that doesnt show up


Please send me a PM from my Profile page with FTP login info so I can add a track-code to see what doesn’t work. Also access to the database will be helpful.


Hello, I have opened a ticket on 12nd of December, here is the link: https://mariuscristiandonea.zendesk.com/requests/1923

I haven’t received any update. Basically we need to add a flag to change the cost if this one is selected or not: ex.: normal cost 30—> with flag selected: 35 promo cost: 15 with flag selected: 18. Prices must be independent. How can we achieve this?

Thank you. Best Regards



Currently what you require is not possible. This feature will be available in a future update.

Hello, do you have a time planned to release this feature? Can you please tell us what can we modify by ourselves to add this feature in your code, as our customer absolutely need this for his kind of service?

Thank you.

Kind Regards



The next update will be next year in January/February. But we will not guaranty that the update will be have this feature.

How do I remove the “No book items” dropdown? Which file contains that code?


Add in any CSS:
.DOPBookingSystemPRO_NoItemsSelect .section-item{
    display: none !important;

This plugin has great potential however I am afraid I can’t use it. We can’t get support for it. I really liked it initially so I am disappointed to have to start over with a new solution.


Please send us a PM with a link and admin login info.

Hello. I like to ask some questions before proceed in buying your plugin. I am trying to set up an equipment rental site. That means that I need a user can add his property (ex SurfClub) from front end and create various equipment for rental (ex windsurf, kitesurf etc) So I need to have 1.custom fields in the creation form 2. commission possibility 3. search feature by country,region Do you believe that I will manage to create the above? I am interesting in your opinion if I can manage to create equipment rental with your product. Thank you in advance Thank you in advance


What you require are options that are not yet added to the Booking system, so you can’t use the current version.

I really like your booking plugin. Have great potential…. Before I buy I would really like to see an extra feature with Monthly list of: who, where, when, how much and status. (or simular)
  • Who: Name and contact info of the one that made the booking
  • Where: Name of booking calendar + calendar id.
  • When: The days and/or date range of the booking period
  • How much: Amount to be paid/or paid
  • Status: Payment on arrival / Paid by Paypal

Thanks! Keep up the great work!


Just stay tuned for the update.

Just ordered to support this great plugin! It’s so promising and I’m sure you do your best to make it outstanding. You Rock! :)


Thanks for your support.

Thank you for your quick reply. Are this options added in the next update or in the future? Also in current version is there a search option?


The feature will be added in a future update. The current version doesn’t have search option.


I am considering purchasing this for a client. I have been looking at the admin demo but can’t see where to add the price of the booking? Please can you give me some info.

Also, I have found the admin panel to be a little unstable, the edit link (the pencil icon and the envelope icon) keep jumping down below the list of calendars. I think this might be confusing for an inexperienced web user.

Other than that it seems like a great plugin at a very good price.

Thank you for your help

(Edited to add I am using Firefox 13.0.1 on Ubuntu)


Adding the prices is something similar to how it’s set in this video: http://www.screenr.com/G587

@PinkishHue … To answer your your first question,... just (click on the dates/days or) select the date range on the calendar in admin and the option to select availability, prices and features pops up in the sidebar. I find that quite that quite flexible since you can have different price on various weeks or months or days e.g. seasonal pricing. If your want to set the same price for every month the next year, it’s just to go trough the following 12 months and select the days (for each month). Done in under 2 min! :) Love it!

P.S. DOTonPAPER… correct me if I’m wrong…


You are right. We will make a video on this.

hi, it would be very, very, very helpful if this calendar would support a discount code as in if 3 adults book it’s 3×50 but for 2 more children it’s 2×30 if they enter “codechild” for example, i’m booking horse rides which are priced that and i have no idea how to solve it, please help!

i do see a promo price option, but that just overrides the original, to reiterate, it would be super helpful if the promo price could be unlocked through promo code, while the real price remains


The features you what will be available in a future update which is scheduled to be launched in February.