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EVOGRAPH Purchased


great plugin :)

i need to add custom fields on contact form


number of persons type of event celphone company

how can i add this?



EVOGRAPH Purchased

I found how :D

where are the languajes file .po .mo ?

i need to translate to spanish



EVOGRAPH Purchased

I find how translate! wow men this plugin its awesome!

Glad to hear you enjoy it!


iislb Purchased

Thank you for the great plugin, I added woocommerce to manage the Room as products, now im able to reseve the room using your plugin however the price is static, is there a way to make the room price different on weekend per example?

let say room 1 price is 100$ during the weekdays and 150 during the weekend.


Hello, If you are using WooCommerce you can’t. Only simple products work. Thank you.

Hello, We encounter a problem when ordering on woocommerce. Indeed when the shopping cart page will appear there is much in the first column (product description) good price, but in the second column (price) the price displayed is not good. For example, to rent an apartment for 2 days, the price is 360 € in the first column (which is correct), then in the second column is displayed 100 € (it is still this figure of 100 € is displayed Whatever the real price). My WordPress, theme and plugins are all up to date. Do you have any idea of the origin of the problem?

Thank you.

Hello, Are you using the latest version of WooCommerce? This version is not compatible with the latest update as we do not support it anymore. Thank you.


talelie Purchased

Activation – unable to activate the plugin. I have a 1 licence, did not use it since bought it long ago, want to activate with my purchase, but there is a link to popoint shop. I did not buy it on pinpoint shop, but here at codecanyon. how can I activate the plugin???

Hello, You are right. The activation works only with licences from our shop. Activating the licence will grant you access to the support forum and to future updates. Thank you

Hello Does your demo site and demo admin site working now? I can not access it.

Hello, It should work now. If you have pre sale questions please write to support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com Thank you.


gwebs Purchased

Hello! I have 3 languages on my site. In plugin backend english is default, but I can’t see it on the translation SELECT field: there is only 2 languages. For example, I can create new form on UA or RU, but in EN the labels and placeholders on frontend are empty and there’s no way to edit form fields in english. How can I do this?

Hello, You need to enable the other 2 languages in the Translation tab-> Manage languages. Thank you.


gwebs Purchased

Thanks for Your responce, but…) All 3 languages are enabled: EN as default, UA & RU mannualy, but when I edit Forms, I can see only UA & RU in the “Language” select field, there’s no EN there.

Hello I have purchased and added the plugin but it says it is not activated I have written my purchase code to the plugin settings part but it doesn’t accept. How can I activate my plugin?

Hello, We don’t support the product here since the beginning of 2016. I suggest asking for a refund and repurchasing it on our shop. Thank you

Hi, how do i get the latest Pro version that seems to be outside of Envato now? Will i be able to upgrade from 2.2.7 files to the new 2.6.1 pro files? Let us know the details please. Thanks, Darren.

Hello, We got in touch. We’ll continue the conversation on the email. Have a nice day.

Hi, I bought the license for the product but I can’t activate it and I don’t know why. Can you please help me? Thank you

Hello, We don’t support the product here since the beginning of 2016. I suggest asking for a refund and repurchasing it on our shop. Thank you

Can we use persian calendar(iranian) insted of english calendar(american) ???

Hello, Yes, you can translate the entire calendar if you wish. You can do this by going in the Translation tab, enabling the language that you want and then manually translating in the table you will see there. Thank you.

No,I mean shamsi calendar insted of georgian calendar! In our country weeks start on saturday and 6 month we have 31 days and 6 month 30 days :)

Hi, I purchased this item a few years back and it works very well. But I didn’t update it for a long time. That’s what I was trying to do, so I tried to install the 2.2.7 version but all my personnal CSS and entries are gone, as well as the translations. Moreover I have an update notification to get 2.6.2 version but I can’t. I don’t have any licence key I guess. Should I buy this item again on the pinpoint plateform or is there something I can do ? Thanks for your help !

Thanks for your reply. I purchased it in 2013, so I’ve sent you all informations you ask for

Hello, Really sorry for the typo, it’s support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com Please send the email again.

Allright, just done ;)

Hi, I just bought the licenses a few days ago. Since it is not available anymore on codecanyon, can I please get a refund so that I can buy it directly on PintPoint website ? Thank you.

Hello, Yes, you need to ask for a refund from envato. Thank you.


missjenny Purchased

Hi – I purchased Wordpress Booking Pro a while back, probably 2015. Today the reservations calendar view cashes when I try to load it. I know you don’t offer support here but when I go to Pinpoint I don’t understand how to get access to support there. It says “To get access to our support forum just activate your Pinpoint Booking System plugin or add-on(s). You will receive an automated message on your activation email with your password”. How do I do that? Would really appreciate some help as my business depends on the booking calendar. Thank you!

Hello, Please write to support@dotonpaper.zendesk.com and you will receive indications and help there. Thank you.


missjenny Purchased

Thank you, yes I did that (twice) but I never got a reply.


missjenny Purchased

Ok, I just saw your email typo correction and I sent again using the correct email.

Hi, is it possible set few salons? A each salon should have your own calendar.

Hi, I have a problem I added the calendar to my woocommerce products and if they are booked for a period it all works but in the cart the total price isnt updated, it remains on the price for one single day. Please check https://funrentals.be/product/springkasteel-aap/

Hi there!

Thinking of using this plugin for a nightclub booth / table reservation system.

The tables would seat a different number of people and can only be sold once per day.

People booking would order “extras” such as bottle of champagne when booking.

I think this is all possible, I guess it would mean a calendar per table?

Kind regards


Hi, When will this update ( see my previous comment ) be available with the possibility to auto select the checkin and checkout dates for a group of days? I’ve downloaded again today to check versions and when installed it’s saying version 2.2.7 and that there’s new version available version 2.6.3 but I’m not able to activate the licence because all I have is my original licence purchase code from Envato. How do I activate this plugin? Thanks,