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DOTonPAPER does not currently provide support for this item.

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wood1e Purchased


I have just purchased a new licence but apparantly the support is not included

How do I get support?

I am begining to wonder if this plugin really is dead…

Hi there. I try to install the plugin, WordPress send me :

archiver is not installed, not available extension found,

where can i fin a quick solution ?

Thanx, Take Care


theconsul Purchased

presale question: i am looking for a plugin that can do the following: my client sells travel packages which are limited to eg: 40 participants. Some sort of RSVP is needed , we need to be able to publish the amount of men and women plus corresponding age who are subscribed/bought ticket (without names). So, for every package/event a list of men/women + age for the attendees. Can your plugin do this?


ytrowell Purchased

Pre-Purchase Question. My business model is I want to store luggage at various brick and mortar stores across a city. I would like for potential customers to be able to space for their luggage by day at a store and pay with Stripe. I want the individual store employee/manager to receive a notification of the booking and be able to accept the booking when the customer comes in. After the customer comes back to pick up their belonging I would like to then complete the Stripe transaction. I think I can figure out the Stripe catch auth, however, I need to know if multiple vendors can accept their own venue bookings without receiving other vendors notification of newly booked space