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Hi pre-sale question as well. I need to have an event, under each event I need to have the option to add a certain amount of beds and tents available, then when they available ones are gone it needs to be at zero. Make sense? Can your plugin do this? I just bought a similar plugin but it is not able to preform this function and I need to know ASAP. Thanks


The plugin can keep only one availability per calendar. It can keep availability only for beds for example.

Thank you.

Hello I want to add search widget with php codes not with the shortcodes. How can I do this? What is the code for this?


You can add the calendar with this line:
<?php echo do_shortcode('[dopbsp id=1 lang=en)]'); ?>

Thank you.


willpio Purchased

I re-purchased your plugin from your own site (the extended version) and got an expired product code. I have sent several emails now with no reply back on how to fix. Please help me


The situation will be resolved in the shortest time. You can use the plugin without any problems.

Thank you.

Hi! 1) How can i translate to spanish? I am not familary with coding but any translation plugin like Loco translate, has already your translation?

2) What is the different between normal and extend version?

3) Can i use mercadopago?

4) Can i add a shortcode for home page?

5) What the difference between free version and pay version?


ALso want to know. If i have different type of rooms ? Example individual, double, and want to find the best for each date? Esteban


1. Follow the documentation to translate the plugin. The plugin doesn’t have translations available.

2. Please follow the link for more information.

3. You can use it through WooCommerce.

4. The calendar can be inserted in a page via a shortcode.

5. Follow the link for more information.

You can use the Search feature to look for availability in all the calendars.

Thank you.

Hi there! Great plugin! Seems super straightforward and all.

I do have a question though. I’ve just started playing with it now, everything seems fine.

I made a reservation to see how the process works. I then go on my back end and approve it.

So so my question is: Once the reservation has been made and approved in backend… why does that slot still appear as vacant on the front end?

Do I have to do that manually? and if so how? your documentation is not very clear on that.

Thanks! Alex

figured everything else out :) my last AND MOST IMPORTANT question is:

i’m designing a site for an escape room game.

there’s a maximum of 4 players per room.

If 2 spots out of 4 get booked for one hour… i would like that hour to show as booked automatically….

how do i do that. i’ve seen your plugin do that on another website that’s why i went for it.

so even if only 2 out of 4 spots get booked… i would like the whole timeslot to show up as booked. would that be possible?

kinda running out of time here guys…




It’s not possible to make a time slot unavailable if 2 spots out of 4 are booked out of the box.

Enable the option to instant book so admin doesn’t have to approve each booking manually.

Thank you.

Hello, do you plan to create a search widget with custom fields?


In a future update a search widget and custom fields will be added.

Thank you.

customer get booking history,booking status??


The user receives email notifications about the booking status. The user doesn’t get booking history.

Thank you.

possible to cancel booking

Users can’t cancel their reservation.

Thank you.

I add this message every year.

i purchased this years ago and am unable to use the script as you cannot edit the reservations. Have you even tried this script in a real-world environment? We own holiday lettings businesses and I assure you that guests change their minds on reservation dates? So currently, we have to cancel the whole reservation and re-enter all the info again for any amendments. Guess what, we have better things to be doing. The script is useless for a real business.

You have been promising for years the ability to edit reservations, do you believe you have failed the purchasers of this useless script?

To save you any effort, here is your reply to question, which you’ve been posting for years.

Hello, For the moment it’s not possible to edit reservations. In a future update this option will be available. Thank you.

PRESALE question: Would it be possible start with a calendar to FIRST select a date, and THEN see a list of products which are available to book on that specific date? I’m developing a furniture rental site, so you know before making your selection if your preferred items are available for that day.