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Mon Apr 27 14:33:17.345668 2015 pid 25546 mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/ocgrabba/domains/ on line 57, referer:

line 57: foreach ($services as $name => $service) { $file = file_get_contents($service, false, $context);

Installed and shows errors – HTTP request failed! – for a few of the services. Maybe something needs editing? Thanks!

Bumpy Bump!

Counters ever work? I tried but no count ping ping send demo:

We want to buy the script What is the meaning that PHPDeck does not currently provide support for this item

Question: does this ping from the server side or the client side? I’m concerned that server side pings could get me a blacklist over time.

does this script works still ?

Hello I have been trying to get this to work but the function in not running after you submit the form it just takes you to the next page with no resales. Any help would be great. sit:

Any errors in the error log? Please paste your entire error log in pastebin.

can I add more sites? how to display the sites for users choosing?

2014 is the last script launch, and no new updates, is this script still working?

Hi, some of the ping services are not working? such as bing what do we have to do to make them work? thanks

demo not working