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Hi Ron,

i already email to you regarding the page cannot scroll down on mobile when user touch the image..

thank you

ok already send you a message.. please check.. thanks

Hi there, Just sent the latest beta

hi.. thanks.. already applied it and it works!

Hi, please help me. IMG not showing :( but refresh page show image. Please help me.

Hi there,

Just replied in your email.

Dear support,

we sent a request of support yesterday, but seems don’t arrived, so anyway, we need a support, because the plugin didn’t works with JQuery 1.7.2 and we didn’t found before any advise about that.

Could you help us to find a solution?


Hi there,

Tested it and it works on JQuery 1.7.2

Hello, i just bought the plugin and tried to use it in my phonegap application, it seems to break my code when using the Jquery way and when i use the HTML way it doesnt seem to do anything.. im using this build of jquery and JqueryMobile

Please i need to implement this plugin to my images.

Hi there,

Please send a message here -> so it will be easier to exchange files. Thanks!


amarvin Purchased


Does this plugin work with background images ?

Hi there,

Right now it only works with images but in the future version it should work with divs.


amarvin Purchased


I was get the problem with $ is not a function on 1140.

So I had to wrap your script in:

(function( $ ) {


Sorry about that. Please send a message here -> so I can provide you with the latest beta. Thanks!


I was get the problem with $ is not a function on 12576. jquery.pinchzoomer.min.js.

Hi there,

Please send me a message here -> so I can send the latest beta. Thanks!

Do you have a function that cleans up this plugin? I noticed the remove and removeAll but that doesn’t disable all the listeners you have.. So if i add this plugin on a app and then remove the dom items there is a ton of memory leaks.. would be nice if i could go $().pinchzoomer(‘cleanup’); and it would handle removing all listeners for me

Hi there,

Sent the latest version to your email

Hi, how can I safely remove a pinchzoomer instance (or all instances)? I’ve tried with PinchZoomer.remove(id) but it destroys the entire image and its container.


Hi there,

The remove function must destroy the element with PinchZoomer so there will be no memory leaks. Possible solution I can think of is clone the element before applying PinchZoomer. When you want to remove the instance you can call the PinchZoomer.remove() function and add the cloned element back.

HI, I am trying to implement this in an angularjs application. I need to set the data-options via jQuery, but I don’t see any example of that in your docs. How would I go about doing that?


thanks I’ll give that a shot. Any chance you can make an angularJS Directive for this? The angular world seems lacking a good solution for pinch zoom of images and sure would bring you more customers… I’ll be willing to pay :)

Hi again, I wasn’t able to get it to work. Can you put a specific example here on how one would use pure jQuery to set the option, at initialization and/or after .pinchzoom() is called.

Hi there,

I replied in your email.

H! Thanks for great plugin. I wanna stop moving image by dragging while specific class is added to body tag. Is there any way to do it?

Actually, I am using “jquery.pep.js” with your PZ. While dragging ‘pep’ object in pinchzoomer DIV, I wanna stop PZ working.

Hi there,

Replied in your email

Can you make an angularJS Directive for this? Thank you.

Not at the moment. I will probably in the future.


Just purchased Pinch zoom and going through the complete guide.

There is no information about the Tooltip that pops up as a title on the marker.

please help.


Hi there,

Replied in your email.


Before purchase, can you confirm that we jsut have to add this attribute In the img ? : data-elem=”pinchzoomer” like this :
<im_g data-src=”assets/easter_chick.jpg” data-elem=”pinchzoomer”/>

Or we have to put the img inside a div, like this:
<di_v class=”zoomHolder”> <im_g data-src=”assets/easter_chick.jpg” data-elem=”pinchzoomer”/> </di_v>

Thanks. Best Regards from Fench Alps ;-)

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in the plugin :)

The div holder is important as it determines the initial scale of the PZ content. So yes, you need to wrap it with a div.

With the default scale setting, you only set the width of the div holder and the PZ content will scale proportionally.


Just purchased Pinch zoom and i am having trouble displaying.two images, side by side.

Here is how it should look: It does not handle .bmp files well. The plugin has size scaling and pan (moving image) bugs. The images were supposed to look identical to the previous screenshot. Here is the code:

I have have tried a lot of workarounds and the bug still appears.

Please let me know if there’s anything i can do to fix this.

Thank you, Andi

Hi there,

Please use the account you used to purchase the license. Thanks

Hi! Before was a problem: the page cannot scroll down on mobile when user touch the image. Is this problem solved?

Thanks for your help.

I found in code:

style[_transformProp] = ((t.xPercent || t.yPercent) ? “translate(” + t.xPercent + “ ,” + t.yPercent + “ ) matrix(” : “matrix(“) + sx + ”,0,0,” + sy + ”,” + x + ”,” + y + “)”;

here we have position y, so if y 0 or y max-height we can cancel zoom and scroll, but which event can cancel zoom?

Hi there, Sent a reply in your email

two questions – scaleMode options are not working for us except for widthOnly. Also, is there any documentation on thumbscroller – the third party plugin used in your example?

Hi there,

I already sent the docs regarding thumbscroller in your email last Jan 20. Please reply there with a zip of the sample page about the scaleMode issue so I can take a closer look. Thanks!


I use thumbs image gallery, if I click button “next” how I can reset zoom on image?

Hi there, Sent a reply in your email