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Will it work on Studio?

I don’t know. I am using Eclipse, not Android Studio. It’s a Gradle Project.

Now the project can be edited in Android Studio

very good work ;) i wish you all the best for your sales !

Cannot add this to eclipse for the life of me

Now the project can be edited in Android Studio

Now the project can be edited in Android Studio

it’s work if i open on eclipse?

If you want open it in Eclipse you need to install Gradle plugin and you will need to add JAR dependencies manually (support-v4 and google-play-services)

Complained about the code in a prior post. Works great in android studio since the update

We can the ability to add more levels?


You can add more lives, but I don’t know what you mean about more levels

Can add a splash or loading screen for this game?

You can edit the source as you want.

I test the demo, but it’s loading slow, and some times android ask to close app.

i have problem whene i change packege name : package R does not exist please help


I Purchase your code!

Your Admob integration causing the code to crash

<item name=”show_admob” type=”bool”>true</item> <!- Show AdMob (true/false) ->

then it’s says FALSE the game works great, after I change it to TRUE the code is crashing, please fix this issue!

I also placed admob ID’s, so the issue is not in the ID’s it’s in the integration of admob!

I want to build it!

I checked and all works fine. Besides game works anyway even if you don’t set AdMob IDs

You don’t need to tell me the code works good without Admob ads, I know this because I wrote it to you!

I need working version of the code when Admob version is showing TRUE, please fix the issue, the code doesn’t works fine!

It’s crashing!

I understand what you say, I am not a stupid. But what I need to fix if I opened the source and had changed parameter “show_admob” to TRUE and no any crashes.


<item name=”connect_games” type=”bool”>false</item> <!- Connect to Google Play Games (true/false) ->

at this line, i changed false to true and i added leaderboard id when i tested real device game crushes,

could you check it thanks.

ok thanks, i will try

i tried but not working.

could you explain how should i chage app package name? maybe i did not do it correctly.


i am waiting thanks