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Nice work :)

Thank you!!

Yeah you rite!

I gonna start playing with dis.

Showing some love from New Orleans.

Thank you sir! :)

Hi is it possible to transition from one pic to another?

Hi, it’s not possible. You can only animate one image at a time. But with the onComplete events you could create your own slideshow. It of course required some javascript code.



does this script (and the matching WP version) handle only fixed size images or is it able to also handle responsive images (with percent dimensions)?

Thank you!

Update: Nevermind, I must have overlooked the section in the description that answers my question. :)

:) no worries. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask


I just purchased Pieces and would like to know if it’s possible to use the onComplete callback to trigger a CoolText animation sequence. If yes, I will purchase CoolText. Thank you!

Hi, thanks for choosing my plugins! Yes, you can fire CoolText (you can execute any js code) on the onComplete event

I have purchased but found that the animation is not repeating

How to cycle the animation ( I mean repeat the same) like cool text

can it be done in HTML .. pi-config=”cycle”

Hi, thanks for purchasing! Pieces is not like cooltext and there aren’t features for repeating. Anyway you could do that using the onComplete event and a few javascript code. Take a look at the code in the homepage:

Hi, I am very interested in purchasing this script however i need the animations on divs that have text, images and html. Is this script compatible with animating divs and other non image blocks?

Anyways, it looks great. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi, I’m sorry, it can only animate images. But you have suggested me a idea for a new plugin :)

Fantastic script! LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you!!! :)

Hello, I’m trying to inject this script on Squarespace however the image I want to animate does not have an ID.

Is there a way to execute the animation on a class?

For instance : $(”.primary-image img”).pieces({ ...

Hey thanks for this but it’s still not working for me. Any chance you can take a look at The scripts are already on the page. I’m having trouble finding what I’m missing.

Just figured out what I was doing wrong, it was a syntax problem. Thanks so much for you help!

Well done! If you have any other questions please let me know

Hi there,

Could you please provide an example code to make a slideshow?

I would really appreciate it! :)

Hi and thanks for choosing Pieces! It isn’t a slideshow plugin. To create a slideshow you have to write some js code and using the onComplete parameters (take a look at the source code of pieces homepage). What you should do is to:
1. use Pieces to add an IN animation (to show an image)
2. on the onComplete use Pieces to add an OUT animation (to hide the image)
3. on the onComplete change the image src and go back to step 1
It’s not so difficult. I really hope that it helps

How does the mouse-over effects work on an iPad (touch device)?

Hi, on touch devices the mouse hover animation is fired on tap. You can try it here:

Thanks for the super fast response.

Hello… I have a personal question regarding your “Pieces JQuery script, which I purchased today, and was hoping you could please send me your email address.

I am having technical problems and need your assistance right away. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards, Robin

Hi Robin, thanks for purchasing. For technical support we have a ticketing system. You can post your issues here:

Very nice job dude

Thanks man!! :)