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Nice Job Mate , Good Luck


Nice work GLWS :)

Can the user use the picture from their camera roll?

Hi, the picture from camera roll function will be updated later. Now, you can just update manual but it is very easy to add/remove images.

How much can you put images for the puzzles? Thank you

It is free or if you don’t like images you can replace images if you want

I mean, how many pictures can I put in? Thank you

All pictures, don’t limit

Is it easy to add more images? How do the levels work?

yes, It is very easy to add images in each levels. if level easy image cut 4×4, normal : 5×5 and hard: 6×6. But you can change if you want

On this view:


Images look disproportioned. I use all square images and want them look square not stretched vertically, how can I change that? Thank you

I have not received anything

Maybe it get lost, check your email I have sent

thank you

hi, after submitting the app to apple store my app get rejected wıth the followiıng message : Performance – 2.1 We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone running iOS 9.3.5 on Wi-Fi connected to an IPv6

is there a way to disable the game center ?

Huh, I checked it in iPhone version 9.3.5 and everything is ok. I don’t know why did Apple say so? and if you want disable game center you need open file GameViewController.swift at line 79 comment code.

Ok thanks for your quick response, I will try to disable the game center and resubmit my app to the apple store. Regards

hello, Apple started enforcing a new policy whereby all iOS applications must support IPv6-only network services in iOS 9. my app piczzle was rejected because it doesn’t support IPv6 Networks. i need to have more informations about the part to customize to deal with this problem. Or does the application only support IPV4

hello when i want to build the project or run it, i got this issue can you help me on that: https://s11.postimg.io/4fcy6tfir/Screen_Shot_2016_09_18_at_18_09_33.png

Hi, do you customize or change source code ?

hello, ı have the same problem like waikikimaui I need that the previews of pictures not to be autoresized, where can I change setting to show their original size not screwed disproportionally like now? i didnt find any details about his on the documentation regards

ok it’s done

i have send email for you

ok thanks i receive it

Sorry, i want to ask, this game will be work on device with ios 10 ? Thank

Hello, yes it work in IOS 10

Please, help me, when i run a project, i got this issue: https://s12.postimg.org/6qb0azikt/IMG_3672.jpg

hello, do you customize source code ?

No, i open code in Xcode,after this i convert to current swift syntax, change bundle id and name, and run the project

Hi, you don’t need convert project. click late button if confirm xcode required convert, and set Use legacy is “YES”. see at


Hello, i cant run vungle and chartboost advertising, AdMob work perfectly. Can u help me ? Please

do you setup correct ads chartboost and vungle ?. remember chartboost and vungle need some time to setup ads and display. maybe 1 hour

Hello, i sent u Email, please check it.

hello, maybe lost, send me again

hello, can 2 tiles (not one) be removed at the beginning of the game? Can’t find it in code

it just hide one tile, if you want hide two tiles you must customize source code

Hello,I wanna buy this app. Before buying : Is there any issue/change needed for submission? From previous comments ,I came to know about app rejection due to some IPV6 problem here. Is it ok now ? Ready for submission ?

Hello , While opening this project, Xcode said it need to convert the project with present Xcode version. After conversion there are many bugs. My XCode version is 8.3.1 . Please help me to get rid of this problem. Code is not compiling at all.

Hi, yes i will check it

Thanks, please let me know.

Hello , After opening this project, Xcode said it need to convert the project with present Xcode version. After conversion there are many bugs. My XCode version is 8.3.1 . Please help me to get rid of this problem. Code is not compiling at all.

i will consider later. you need set mode level more than 2 pieces

Ok, thanks. I am facing problem in one last part. I have changed all the ad related ids. But not working, except admob banner ad. I understand it takes some times. But admob interstetial was created atleast 24 hours ago but ad not showing. Instead Test ad is showing.

I have found this line and commented from GameViewController :

request.testDevices = [kGADSimulatorID,"2077ef9a63d2b398840261c8221a0c9b"]

What else I have to do ? Still test ad is showing :(

Well, its working now. Ignore my message. Waiting for chartboost and vungle to work. In which cases vungle/chartboost will through ad ? So, that I can test that easily.