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Any video support? Picturish means for pictures and pictures include photos and videos.


There’s no support for videos. You might want to take a look into BeDrive if you need that functionality.

Unable to add text, how can i add pre formatted texts on the image ? and can i add more texts to the list ?


What do you mean by pre formatted text specifically?

can i add a .pdf format files or .doc, .docx?????

and, how can i update to the last version? over production


It would require custom modifications.

As for update, take a look into included documentation, it’s explained there.


vnelic Purchased

Hi, after i install picturish but error :


Could you create a new ticket regarding this via support tab, thanks!

Can we not apply filters to the default SVG images that’s on this software? It also blurs the SVG image a little whenever ANY filter is applied. Is there a fix for this?

Actually, why aren’t filters applied to your SVG stickers period? Seems really limited in that aspect.


You need to merge objects into a single image first (from basics menu), filters will be applied then.

sent a ticket on my flexible https problems and the disqus comment box please respond. thank you and godbless..

Yes, however it would only make sense to cache the static pages like homepage, login, register etc

i sent ticket on you support panel sir. can you please advice what i should do on the problem? thank you very much.

We’ll get back to your ticket shortly.

Hii …

Does this have beautiful Slideshows option …

To show images …


Depends on what you mean by slideshow specifically.

If you share a folder, images inside will be displayed in a slideshow.

Great work on this! It’s fantastic. I am looking to make pre-made templates that users can edit (layered). I see there is a way to save the images with the layers still editable in albums. Is there a way for me to have ‘shared’ albums where the user can pick a template, but then whatever they pick – creates a COPY of the template in their own album/account that they can modify and save? I wouldn’t want my templates to be editable by the users. And I don’t see an option to duplicate/copy an image. Could this be added?


There’s no way to do that currently, but it should be possible in next update.

Presale questions: Can you add brightness and contrast as photo editing features? Is it possible to upload videos? Can I download the root album and Album folders are intact instead of all photos being grouped together? Is it possible to set up payment for users to access or purchase within the plugin? Thank you


1. There’s brightness filter already, I’ll see if we can add contrast in next update.

2. You can only upload photos by default.

3. There’s no way to download folder structure currently.

4. There’s no integrated payments yet.

I have a question.. This plugin can work like a Crelo? I need one editor only for change images and text in some templates… So, i will create some default images, and my users, only will change a image and text.. cant change the position.. only the content. Its possible in Picturish?



This would require some custom modifications.

Hi Author,

Are you using any internal API for updating image with layers.

How images are processing in backend? are you using GD libraries?

Our requirement is : —Choose an image —Apply filters and save (As you are doing)

The difference is, we would have some more images which need to be apply same filters. So if you are adding filters from backend then we are considering that we can add that filters to pass more images to your backend script. Let me know if any confusion related to my query

Images are not modified on backend at all (only thumbnails), all photo modifications are done client side.

please make user interface to be same with bedrive much cleaner and mobile friendly. ui gets broken in mobile and also please add double click on the thumbnail like in bedrive. hope you do it in next update. thanks


This should be done in next update, we’ve no ETA yet though.

Is this script still being supported and developed?


Yes, however we’re doing a rewrite of underlying code, so the update is taking longer then usual.

Hi there, as I’ve bought both Picturish and Pixie from you, please can you describe the way to use the latest version of Pixie in Picturish here as it has been a while since the last update of Picturish? Many thanks in advance.


There’s no way to do it manually, but we’ll be integrating it in next update of picturish.

Where is the demo account to check app?


You can find demo site here:

I really love the script but look what happens when we try to install it


Could you please create a new ticket regarding this via support tab, thanks!