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Do you have plans to provide animated gif or svg support in future?


If you mean editing of those file types, then we’ve no ETA for that at the moment unfortunately.

can i make gallery appear in home page to make visitor see some of photo?? can user download photos in different size ????

Note sure I understand your question, can you clarify a bit please?

i dont speake english ….iam sory …

can i add searsh photo in home page like this saite : ... or script for private use ..which no one can see user photos or search it ???

That would require custom modifications to the code.

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1. Not currently.

2. That seems like a scam website. You should definitely no purchase anything there.

3. There’s an option for background transparency, not for image though (unless image is already transparent)

4. Not currently.

5. If you mean the image editor, then yes, there’s undo/redo functionality.


Yes, but it’s worth noting that tests like those are not really accurate representation of website performance, especially if you are not familiar with web development.

Most bigger sites will fail at least 3 rules as they are not possible to correct due to external assets (fonts, analytics, images etc)

In fact, following some of the rules mentioned there can make performance worse in many cases.


This plugin have premium accounts option? :)


Not at the moment unfortunately.

when you will add payment ???


We’ve no plans for it at the moment unfortunately.

Is there an import feature where a user wants to subscribe and they have, for example, 100 files they want to import. Also, is there a server side import to recursive scan directories and add to the system?


User can upload multiple files if that is what you mean.

There’s no sever side import at the moment though.

Hi, I have a question before buying: Where are the photos stored? In the database or in the disk (filesystem) in folders?


Photos are stored on the disk, but there’s also a reference to them in database.

I installed it successfully but I would like to change the upload folder where the images are saved and change into another location which is Z:/ what files should I edit and what line and what variables should I change? Thanks.


Please send all support requests via the form in Support Tab, that way we can answer your questions faster. Thank you!

Any update coming up for laravel 5.4? want to integrate this into 5.4 laravel project!


We’ve no ETA for it yet unfortunately.


is it possible to upload image from external URL to our server ? i try the demo but it’s only upload image from our local computer.


It is not possible at the moment unfortunately, at least not without some custom modifications.

How much is that if i want custom modifications ? or is there any API Documentation ?

Sorry, but we’ve no time for custom modifications at the moment, you’d need to hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Does Picturish have the ability to load a picture by pasting a URL the way Pixie is able to do?


There’s no such functionality in picturish at the moment unfortunately.

On the homepage, there is a way to get a picture download link. Is the download link available in the dashboard as well?


Yes. Right click image in dashboard and click ‘get links, you will be able to get download and other useful links from there.

How do I quit # after the domain name, how to enter the software license code

gamesfree8 PURCHASED about 2 hours ago Flag How do I quit # after the domain name, how to enter the software license code

I Also have this problem. Just installed it


Please send all support requests via the form in Support Tab, that way we can answer your questions faster. Thank you!

When I share an album or a picture it doesn’t have the edited version (it only shares the original). Is there a way to share albums with the edited photos?


It should share the edited image by default.

Can you send me your site url via support tab please so I can take a look into this issue.

It is working now. It may have been a caching issue. If I have the problem again, I’ll let you know. Thanks

Also, the folder names can break the sharing link (if the folder name has a / in it).

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll investigate that issue.

Some of my image uploads are getting rejected. Pictures downloaded from have been rejected and pictures from my iPhone camera roll.


Can you send me your site url via support tab please so I can take a look.

Hi, the image editor is amazing. But the result looks terrible. Blurred, sometimes there are even saved elements of the editor (e.g. rectangle around text by which I can move the text or edit by double-click.). And rounded corners? There’ll be saved also the dash line indicating the radius just for you. It affects also your demo site. Just try to upload any screnshot (not a photo, screenshot of OS). 100 % zoom IS NOT 100 % at all. Blurry is also the preview. So there’s some issue with detecting the real proportions of an image. On the other side – you have dedicated product – Pixie. When I upload image here, there seems at least the zoom working. Unfortunately I haven’t bought dedicated Pixie so I can’t tell if the saved result is also OK, much better than from Picturish.

Your work is overall great, but this is quite disgusting and unusable. Please, fix it. Thanks!

Will take a look into this further, browser might be changing image quality when loading into canvas.

As for BeDrive, we’ve no plans to implement pixie into it currently.

I can share a fix for rounding corners which produces also the dashed outline to the image in current state, if you are interested. Blurring of the image might cause imageSmoothingEnabled. This should be disabled. But in core.min.js you have a negation of zero (!0 = !false = true). But with this I am not so sure, if this is the root of the issue.

Sure, you can send it to us via support tab and we’ll take a look, thanks!

This does not seem to work with latest PHP7, I get error: Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated, after googling it seems that it can be fixed with Laravel update or using (

For all potential buyers, be aware this is built with Laravel 5.0 which is rather old and may cause problems for you.

ErrorException in compiled.php line 12241: Function mcrypt_get_iv_size() is deprecated


It will work with PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 might indeed have some issues.We’ll correct it for the next update though.


im just wondering that it does not have a basic Background Remover tool?


If you mean photo editor, then no, there’s no background remover tool unfortunately.