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Looks great.

is possible when start a new game the questions be random and not the same every time ?

Thanks and GLWS :)

Thank you. Every time you play, the game doesn’t start over but show you the last question you were playing. so you never solve the same level twice.

seem to be a worthy game but lacking of the option to reset and start over with randomized questions. would purchase if that’s possible in next update.

OK, just to make sure, does the game sows the first picture(burger) whenever you start the game (refresh the page) ? Or it carries on with the last played level ? Thank you.

it always starts with the same sequence: burger -> snake …

That’s weird, It’s not supposed to be that way. It should continue where you left off. Something is happening on your end. Can you test it in another browser, maybe test it in incognito mode ?

Hi Aekiro, can I use the free version of Construct2 to release this game?

The HTML5 game is already exported for you. You will need construct2 only if you wish to modify the game.

Hi there… i’ve purchased your wonderful product. What about the SHARING BUTTON? I can’t see it in the game. Thanks

Thanks. There is no sharing button at the moment. But PM me, maybe I can easily add it for you.

Did it… you got me on your email

Game looks really nice!

Thanks ;)

Is there any way to make categories?

Yes, but it will need more work. PM me for a quote.

Is it also possible to build it as an app for Android and iOS?

Yes, you will need:
- A copie of Construct 2
- Intel XDK to package your game into an app
In the FAQ.pdf, you will find a step by step guide on how to export to Android.

Can you have it that we can play against our friends just like “trivia crack” ?

Unfortunately that won’t be possible.

Not support special character?

Aguardando :)

Resolvido, obrigado.

This is easy to chanage word and image ?

1- Open the project with Construct2
2- go to the “Game” Layout
3- Find the “OverlayUI” layer (right panel) and unlock it and make it visible
4- The elements you change the position will appear

for one question

i use CS2 to modify but i change word in quizdata.txt already , add image already it has not any change in CS2 after test

What you changed is the exported project in “HTML 5 project” . the change you made there will not be in the source file (.capx). Here is what to do:
- change position in construct 2
- export the project for the web.
- make changes again in the new exported project

How I can make a call to a JavaScript function every 2 levels? I don’t have Construct 2


Hi, PM me, I have a solution for you.

Okey thanks!! :)

Hi aekiro,

My email is: rankhispano [@] gmail dot com

My skype: rankhispano


I downloaded the game, it works very well but when I click to reset the score, it asks me if I am sure I want to reset when I click yes, I see the same old score.

Hello, yes it was a bug. Please pm me so I can send you the updated version.

Unfortunately, I am not available for freelance at the moment. Thanks

Hello, it’s easy to change/add answer and image? Do I must have Construct 2 to export the apk file?

You don’t need construct 2 to add more questions but you will need it to export the apk.

So, to make the apk file to be uploaded to PlayStore I must use construct 2? Can I use free construct 2?

No you need personal license + Intel xdk

how to remove that twitter button?

You will need a personal license of Construct 2. In the “Game” layout, check the “OverlayUI” layer to show it, unlock it then just delete the twitter button.

How do I increase the maximum number of letter in a word? Seems to have a limit of only 14 letters. Thanks!

Sorry, it’s hardcoded, am afraid it can’t be increased without modifying the code. Besides I think the word becomes really unreadable beyond 14 letters.

I cant find a demo

hello, how do i suppose to publish this game to Google Play? i really like the design

The game can be exported using Intel XDK (there are tutorials on how to do it)

Hi.. how do you populate the questions/images? Are they in a xml file or hardcoded in layouts?

The answers are in a text file which you can modify. And the pictures are in a folder.


anwar91 Purchased

Is there admin panel to add picture, add question or categories ?

- You can add more questions in a text file - Categories are not supported


anwar91 Purchased

do you give any documentaion guide in video or pdf file for make some customize or just reskin apps ?

- A PDF is there to explain how to add new questions - You will need basic Construct2 knowledge to reskin the game