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Is it possible to have RevMob integration?

I hope so as RevMob SDK supports android platform

Could you do that? How much would it cost?

hi imperion, if you have purchased the above code, then i can do it for you. Please mail me via my profile for further discussions regards, sanjib

Hello, i’ve compiling errors can you help me? thanks

could you let me know…. contact via my profile.


Please Check MSG on your Profile ” Unfortuntely “

Hello!! How are you?

I want to purchase this quiz but i will need a few details before. How does it work? Can i download and edit the app in my computer? Is it hard? Do i need any special program?How do i upload it into google play?

Thanks you a lot,

you need some understanding of java , if you want to change its functionality. otherwise it is just plu and play if you have images to display your own code.

Hi, i just buy this application, but i not found how to set up answer , please kindly help me assist how to set up answer in each question .

it is automated , you need not to do anything.


Where can I find the answers to edit?

hello !

What is the size of the pictures ?

Can set them at 1/3, 1/4 of the screen ?

Thank you for answering

Hello! Is it possible to get possible answers only from the same category? thanks :)

This is absolute crap in at least one way!

The quiz will generate the possible answers by parsing (!!) the names of the images you add in /assets.

This means you cannot use .plist, .json, or .db to create more questions. To create more questions you need to add pictures with a certain name that is parseble by the code.

Very crazy implementation… Highly not recommended.

hello any update on the latest issue?

sir what is the maximum size of image supported

also when i used your demo apk it crashed everytime i tried to change the category , also its in some other language!

Just a crap! don’t waste your money. poorly implemented and poor support. A few bugs here and there.

Hi guys I’‘d like to share here my app made with this amazing code here:


Thank you author for the great Picture Quiz Template With Google Admob code.

Hey, I like your app, so I bought it, but I am really suprised, that you didn’t solve the problem with force close after a year? Do you have any indea how to solve it? Thank you.

on reset categories, crash on android 4.1.2


I just sent a request to Envato asking them to review their policy on pulling products from their site that do not meet up to the expectations by us buyers which is totally based on the products description and the ‘Last Update’ date.

As you can see, this source code has not been updated since the day that it was uploaded to the site and if you know anything about Android App Development, you would know that we have gone a long way in terms of Android updates since 2012.

Nevertheless, Envato needs to keep its sellers honest by either pulling old and outdated products that no longer live up to their descriptions or they need to pull products with TOO MANY NEGATIVE FEED BACK!!!

Either way, this product and others like it need to be removed until Seller’s update their product and also honestly assist their buyers with resolving bugs. This app has been out since 2012 and there has been only 1 buyer to post a positive comment and even a link to a finished product… and he mysteriously has overcome the shutdown bug that everyone appears to be experiencing from either testing the app and or building the app out… This smells fishy …

Anywho, we ALL need to contact Envato letting them know that they need to pull this and other products like it until the sellers are able to update their product(s) and are able to honestly assist buyers with issues rather than give some flippedout answer of – meet me on skype with him to only NOT meet anyone on skype.

This is unacceptable and Envato isn’t doing itself any favors by continuing to sell broken source code and other products. By doing such, they are making their business model look bad…

So don’t forget to send in your “Remove All outdated products with too many negative comments” to Envato!!!!

No update anymore? :(

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