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I am not sure why puzzle image quality showing poor? There is any option to increase image size? looks like for big device, images showing very poor?

Your image should of that much size for big devices then only it will looks clear. Thanks

I bought this app and I need android studio. You can pass me the version in android studio by please? my email is luismyg0087@gmail.com

I have not yet started on Studio, so at this time I cannot pass you what you needed. Thanks

Bro how can i add Banner and interstitiel ??

Hello, , banner and interstitial is already implemented there. If you need help I will do help in this. Don’t worry about it. make sure it is in Eclipse.

hi i have proplem in Looper with import android.annotation.NonNull;

Hi, can you tell me how do you got the source code of this item? You have not purchased the product right? Please confirm so I can go ahead and find out the whole problem with you soon.

hi i want to buy the game i tried the demo and i noticed that the quality of the images is not very clear could you help about that?

Hello, thanks for your interest. That is depends on the images we have. Might be I will work on that and make it perfect and update with Studio Project as well.

ok great how long may you take to update the project?

Thanks. This or coming week.

can i import in android studio ?

Today or tomorrow this apps will be updated with Studio package as well. Then you can check and purchase. Thanks

is this game support version 7 and 8