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hi is there any way that user can upload .png and use for a watermark in the app ? or it would be a customize way if its a customize how much would it cost ?

Hi, watermark function need extra customization. At this time all our developers are busy, and we provide only reskin redesign und uploading to the App Store. Thanks

app has 64 bit support and iphone6s plus screen resolution support?

Hi, yes app has 64 bit support and supports iphone6s plus screen resolution. App is optimized for later version of Xcode and iOS too. Thanks

i can upload my app i get this mssg why? ERROR ITMS-90535: “Unexpected CFBundleExecutable

Please send us which customizaton have You done. Code is working fine. You can test it with original code before changing any images or any settings. Please contact us via email and send us more information. Thanks

yes is working fine in teste in sumulator but if i need to upload it in apple store cant upload i get this problem i need you to resolve this problem

Hi, we have got your email and screenshot regarding your problem. Please check your email, we have sent a video tutorial how to upload your customized app and which customization you need to make. It is very simple. If you will get any other problems just let us know via email. Thanks

Does this app include Admob+Flurry+Revmob?

Hi, yes as described and also as on thumbnail photo is shown this app includes revmob, admob and flurry. Thanks

How to make the Adv run? I did not see it is running? Why you write the adv code every m page? Can you just write one instant page and just include in the header of m files?

Support questions please send us via email. You do not see any ads because you need to write your ad unit id, as described in documentation file. This code is as it is and no other customization can be done. All other request via email and can be done via extra support. Comments are only for pre sale questions. Thanks

Hi, I purchased this app, it build at the first time, which is good. My problem is that the stickers and frames are empty and the bottom bar didn’t contain any item. Could you help me to fix that please?

Hi, we have received your mail and you will get a reply asa our developer will check it. thanks

Hello, Once I uploaded my App in Itunes connect there was an error ERROR ITMS-90535: “Unexpected CFBundleExecutable, I’m trying to upload not test, my email formuzal17@gmail.com

Hi, thanks for your comment. We will send you per mail detailed information how to fix your issue. Regards

Hi, Looks like I fixed it, once I uploaded it in Itunes connect, there was an error http://prntscr.com/cgrf5l Looks like aviarysdk doesnt support bitcode or what… can you help me with that? formuzal17@gmail.com email

Please send us via email all informations and you will get a solution. Thanks

hello, can you contact me please.

Please use our profile’s contact form and send us more information. Thanks

i did no response from you.

Our team is on holiday and will get back to you asap.

Does this app support on Xcode 8 and iOS 10?

Hello, yes this app supports latest Xcode and iOS. Thanks

hello. I have bought but no sticker and frame. I have asked by email private message without any reply. In addition, how I could change icon on footer of SDK?

Please help?

Hi, Is the Code iOS 11 compliant ?

Does you still provide support for this app?

Hi, please write us your question. Thanks