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This is an excellent idea, very well thought up :)

Good luck with sales!

Although, I’d love to see more examples.

I’d love to see how you can fully style this? Like, for a calendar, can you make a proper calendar widget pop-up?

Also, is this not like a dropdown box? How would I use this, what possible uses?


Thanks for the comments.

Yes, it’s a drop-down box, filled with data, placed under the input field.

I guess you could overlay the drop-down, use the data it has and create you calendar in javascript, but it seems like a big hassle. If you need a calendar, the jQuery UI project has a very nice one (And it’s free).

This plugin is more intended for helping users fill in the input fields faster. Since it shows the user the formats he/she can choose from, it’s easy for the user to mimic the data and either write it or just pick it from the list.

Let’s pretend the application you are writing needs a time of day field, with the format: hh:mm You can use the pickled script to hook up on that field, and use it as kind of a “first validation” script. The script doesn’t validate anything, but as soon as the field receives focus, the user sees the choices and will fill out his own hour of day, using the given format. Else the user can easily use arrow up/down to select one of the predefined hours of day.

Love the idea, good luck with sales! :)


Do I read this right: created 9 september 10

What took so long?

Hey, Yep, you are reading it correct. I have a stack og things I’m working on, so I start writing them, but then haven’t time to complete them. (guess we all have it like that) Then there’s the approval process etc.

Some scripts are also created in other projects, and then split them out of the project and sell it here.

Does this code come with a way to “publish” what the user inputs to an HTML or PHP page?

If not, would you be interested in adding that for an additional fee?


The code doesn’t come with any handles atm.

Since the popup can receive focus, you cannot properly listen on a “lost focus” event on the field you are attaching it to. But I might add a hook, so you can do something when the user is “done” with the field in the future.

Simple and intuitive..great job! I am using pickled for time input. However, I need the drop down in am/pm format. Is that doable?

Hey ydommeti,

Of couse it is, following the example from the item’s page, you can do:

  'pickles': [

hi, great script but i noticed something, i moved my form elements to dt and dd tags and for some odd reasons script was not able to get the top and left position of the element. I was able to fix the issue using following code:


var topPosition = $(element).position().top+$(element).height()+12; var leftPosition = $(element).position().left; var width = $(element).outerWidth();


var elementPosition = $(element).offset(); var topPosition = elementPosition.top+$(element).height()+12; var leftPosition = elementPosition.left; var width = $(element).outerWidth();

Hope it helps anyone else that may run into this issue.

Would it be possible to remove the ugly disabled scrollbar that appears in Firefox even if there is no overflow? My search on stackoverflow hasn’t resulted in a working hack.

Hi, it’s a select, so if you can style a select, you can style it as well.

Thank you for the prompt response. I could not find a solution for removing unnecessary select scrollbars in Firefox. I would have bought the script but for this irritating feature native to Firefox. Can you fix it for this script?

It’s a scrolling element by default (being a select-element). why is this only native on firefox?

It’s OS dependant. Chrome also shows a scrollbar. “fixing” it natively would mean using a different element than a select element, which I don’t have any plans for