PicaWall - HD Wallpaper Gallery with Picasa Backend

PicaWall - HD Wallpaper Gallery with Picasa Backend

Picasa is retiring, only buy if you know what you are doing.


PicaWall is a cool wallpaper gallery app with super easy customization. With a very few steps to release to the app store. With Picasa as backend, you will bear no server cost while running the app.


Key Features

  • Flat UI Design
  • Easy customization
  • Unlimited Customization Colors
  • Easy & Comprehensive user interface
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Set as Wallpaper
  • Save to SD card
  • Lazy load image with optimized task management
  • Swipe left/right to change image
  • Share options to all available apps
  • Splash screen image, easy to change
  • Admob integration (Home banners) – Turn on/off easily
  • Touch to hide buttons
  • And more…


v1.4 - 02.07.2015
- Fixed sharing bug 
- Added Interstitial ads 
- Added another banner ads on details page 
- Added next/previous buttons on details page
- Added option to hide sharing bar

v1.3 - 15.06.2015
- Fixed can't share on some devices
 - Added About page
 - Fixed images not listed after saving
 - Fixed release apk not functional

v1.2 - 12.06.2015
 - Fix wrong error message
 - Added Bug Report tool
 - Enhanced sharing

v1.1 - 25.05.2015
 - Optimized image loading
 - Social sharing
 - Support swiping for quick changing images