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Hi – Can you please show an example of the reverse feature?

Hi, the demo-file does not work in Google Chrome. Please help.

Hi, I have used this code with my file but it is not working in chrome and it asks to allow pop up with IE.

I am very new to coding will appreciate the help.

Is’s because you run the code on loacal path, when you use the code on the server,there will not have this isuse.

hi this does not seem to work in ‘I E – 10’? wanted to confirm

Also How can I transition the effect smoothly my colored images show for a split second.

does it easy works like a shotcode plugin or i must put some code css another somewhere?

You need include the picanim js and css file,then you can use it like other jquey plugins .It is easy to use!


I’ve got the cross domain problem.. I bought this because I tought that this wouldn’t have the same problem as the FREE one I got befor. Anyway, is there a way to solve this problem without using for every single image? I’ve got many images..

That’s Powerful!

I’m asking if this can work in the Pretty Photo or any other lightbox photo gallery?

also can I use in WordPress?

Hi, can i trigger the effects by hovering another element instead of the image?

Sorry mvlouman, Picanim was designed trigger the effects by hover the image block so there have no api for trigger it instead of the image.

Hi, can this be done in reverse? ie: clean image then blur on hover?

Sorry it do not support the reverse effect yet. :(

You need to make this in a Wordpress Plugin ;)

Fantastic great work! Fantastic script and a very friendly and helpful author! – Thank you so much!

Thanks :) glad to help you!

Hello, Is there a way to make this transition on only a part of the image? I would like to have a large image blurred and then when I hover over it focuses around the mouse(say 200px X 200px). Is there a way to do this in jQuery or do I have to use multiple small images to make up one large one.


Hi illyagordy ,picanim does not support the effect that you want.

Is this plugin usable for Wordpress? I purchased thinking it was.


Great plugin. Would you mind looking at my site and telling me why I can’t seem to get it to work. I am running jquery 1.10.1. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your time!

404 Not Found paicanim

How do I set hover effect for two images. Like one image is after and another is before. I mean before/after sample gallery!

Thanks in advance for your help.

regards //atik

Hi atikrahman call Picanim on the two images - you can use jquery selector like $(’.myimg’).picanim….. at once after.


Is there a way to trigger the hover effect of the image by hovering over another element or even by clicking a button?

Sorry dw8rr3n , it design for image hover effect so there has no api for change the effects trigger. So sorry !


do the images have to have a fixed size or can the script handle responsive images that use something like “width: 100%; height: auto”?

Hi Tekanewa picanim support fixed size block.

how to use Discussion on Picanim – jQuery image hover effect pulgin?


Thank you for the plugin!

I had an error while trying to deploy the files with the latest version of jQuery. The code in plugin throws an error: “Cannot not read property of undefined: msie”.

That’s be great if you could update it.

Thank you!