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Can you add this project ADMOB please? İf it is possible I will buy this app.

Hi, ADMOB is out of the scope of this project. But you can do it yourself. http://docs.sdkbox.com/en/qa/integration-admob-to-creator/

Hi, here’s a notice: ADMOB is added to this project now.

Great work. :-) GL

Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)

nicely done, very good job ! wish you big sales ;)

Thank you. :)

hi. i purchaed the game and i cant find the final HTML file that runs the game – please your help

They are written in Text Labels, you can edit them easily.

sorry, in what file? itss all in the HTML5 main folder?

Please read the D section of the document and edit the text in Cocos Creator.

Hello gamekon, nice game i really like it :) , so this game made with cocos right ! i’m not as that good about HTML5, JS etc … there is any documentation about how to build new levels ?

HS: it would be so nice if you made it like Unity 3D platform


ok i will follow the documentation do you have any email ?

support@gamekon.com, will do my best to help.

thanks :)


sysads Purchased


- I just purchased the code but when I run it, it stays on the loading screen and nothing happens – https://snag.gy/0F5o1t.jpg

- Also one slight problem and its major problem, this is level based game but why are all te levels enabled by default. Can we get it so you can’t jump levels until you complete a previous level. If we leave it this way, no body will play all the levels hence lossing revenue.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. 1. This is because some browsers don’t allow you to load assets locally(file://) due to their cross-domain options. You can try open it with Firefox or upload it to your local or remote server and open it with your browser; 2. Good point, all the levels are open for customers to try them out. You can lock them by deleting one line of code. Line 8 “Global.save = 28;” in Level.js.


sysads Purchased

Thanks for the reply. Will try that and let you know

Line 8 “Global.save = 28;” in Start.js. Sorry.


sysads Purchased

One more question, how do we replace the graphics since its in a sprite sheet. Thanks

You can replace them with Cocos Creator or Let me help you.


sysads Purchased

Can you show me how so I know the size and dimensions of the artworks

You can find all the divided pictures in “Catchit/raw/pics” folder.

What has changed from this version to the prior one???

More complete doc & admob.

I like it ! nice game concept, easy to edit & reskin

Thank you.

construct 2?

Nope, Cocos Creator, a Unity style editor.

Can I use this game on my site?

Please do whatever you like after purchasing it.

Great Plugin!! best of your sale

Thank you very much.

Hi Gamekon. Any documentation on adding new levels . What is the best way to add new levels in the game.

Hi Gamekon, Can you help on how to replace the exisiting TexturePacker with the newly created TexturePacker not affecting the levels. All the names and sizes are maintained.

Sorry, support is temporarily interrupted, will be back later.

I have a problem with my health, very sorry.

hi there , u do a nice job man but , can i edit with android studio ??

It’s said “you can” in the official manual of Cocos, but I haven’t tried.