Physics Game for HTML5 & Mobile

Physics Game for HTML5 & Mobile

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“Catch It” is a HTML5 Physic Game for Browser & Mobile

There are 28 levels in this game, you can create more by dragging game nodes into the game scene, it’s easy and fun. In each level you can interactive with the game items, try everything you can to move the crystal ball into the busket.
Everything in the game moves smooth and naturally, so this game can run at a high FPS in browser. It’s very important for a good online game.

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Game in Mobile Chrome:
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The game package contains:

  • Ready-to-use HTML5 Game
  • Full Source Files
  • Complete Documentation
  • Asset Files and Licenses

  • From the document you will learn:

  • How to make an HTML5 game that can run in computers and mobiles
  • How to use a 2D physics engine
  • How to play a sound, music and animations in the game
  • How to suit the mobile screen
  • How to save game data locally
  • How to reskin the game and make your own levels
  • How to export the game for ios, Android and Web platform
  • (NEW!) How to embed AdMob into the game

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