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This is a extensive piece of work, goes straight to my purchase list… :)

Good luck with sales !!

Thank you!

Hi! where is the video to watch the demostration? Thank’s & Good luck with sales !!

Click on live preview, then click on remove frame. Thanks!

Can you share the code which you wrote in the video to get the websockets working?

Can you share the code which you wrote in the video to get the websockets working?

That would be great if you could! Thanks

Ok, you can download the file again, I included the demo and a script that allows to start in browser.

very nice – but what is it all about? As this months FREE app, unsure how or what or why I would need this?

Perhaps you could give an outline of best use for newbies…

It’s more like a framework that helps you build applications on top of it. A quick example is a real-time chat application.

Hmm yeah, as it was already said, typing code by following a video is really unproductive. I too can’t find the files from the demo.

Ok, you can download the file again, I included the demo and a script that allows to start in browser.

I get internal server error when i access your link

What link?

can you use this with Xampp for mac?

If xampp for mac runs php, sure.


Haven’t had the chance to dig into it yet, so I’ll just pass it as an open question:

  • Is the server side websocket process multi or single threaded, and what are the possibilities of scaling later on?
  • Have you done any performance measurements, i.e. how many connected clients the server can sustain before things are getting too slow? (based on req. p sec).

Only had a minor glimpse at it – but I must say – it looks great, I’ll dig into it more during the evening.

It’s single threaded as PHP don’t support multi-threading by default.

I would like to download a copy of the file located here:

But that site, which I am unfamiliar with, wants to force me to run some sort of exe file to get it. I don’t like doing that, as many download sites like to push crapware on people with their “download managers”, forcing users to have to navigate a minefield to keep from having their systems infected.

Could you perhaps use a better file host that doesn’t force a “download manager” on people?

Oh, it is? I didn’t know that it was included in the package. I downloaded the package, but haven’t had a chance to take a look at it yet. I kind of assumed from the fact you were posting that link in the comments, that it wasn’t.

As far as that link you posted though, it doesn’t start automatically downloading. It goes to the speedyshare site where they make you download and run some exe “download manager” to get the file.

See these screenshots:

Screenshot of page:

Screenshot of what you get when you click the only download link on that page:

You might want to consider using a different file hosting site in the future.

Very misleading. It doesn’t look like a clickable link. I think most people would never think to click something that doesn’t look clickable and would probably end up clicking the big green button at the bottom of the page, which could result in additional unwanted crapware (like spyware browser toolbars or whatever else they are bundling with it) installed on their computer.

Just something you might want to think about the next time you need to upload a file somewhere.

No, I thank you!

I’m just really curious when I ask this. What is this used for?

Not something I need, I went over the code though and you have done a fine job.

Thank you!

bought this… the demo code link: is dead (not found) can you please update the link, send directly, or use something like to send a copy. thanks!

Is there any possibility to connect my apps on construc 2 with this template? I Have buy The Template and normaly i use scribble ws or ws:// How can i do the same with this phpwebserver and websockets upgrade

Hi, the demo is not working

Does this support WSS connection if the server use CloudFlare ?

Hi there. I’ve just purchased your script. I’m pretty new to PHP / Server Admin programming. I manage my own VPS with a nginx webserver on digitalocean, which in turn runs a WordPress/WooCommerce powered website.

I intend to use your script in order to try a permanet open connection with WooCommerce API in order to get latest orders etc.

So I’m just curious on how to proceed. Can I simply require the libs folder within my Wordpress Plugin and start developing with it or do I need a special webserver to run it?

Do you have any examples on how could I post data from WordPress to the websocket server with Ajax?