phpWallet - e-wallet and online payment gateway system.

phpWallet - e-wallet and online payment gateway system.

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Earn big money by creating your own payments gateway with lots of features

Are you looking for a custom online payment solution for your country’s local currency to integrate with your local business? or maybe you want to start your own Payment Gateway Site like PayPal. phpWallet is the script solution you where looking for.

With payment gateway Script you can easily accept any physical financial company/bank or online payment platform as deposits and withdrawal methods for your site. And, set a fee amount to earn on every online store purchase linked to your site API and Money transfers made through phpWallet .

How phpWallet Works ?

The core concept behind this payment gateway script is that there needs to be someone managing everything behind the scenes ( the site administrator ).

To process withdrawal requests the admin sends money to bank accounts manually outside the script and reduces the user’s wallet balance by clicking on a button after the offline bank transfer transaction is complete.

And the coin/currency Exchange rates are also defined by the admin from the admin dashboard.


  • Android App
  • Responsive UI.
  • 6 Color Skins.
  • Built with bootstrap 4.
  • Unlimited Deposit Methods.
  • Unlimited Withdrawal Methods
  • Email Notifications
  • REST API. [ open in postman ]
  • Email Verification One Time Password (OTP)
  • Currency Exchange
  • Multy Currency Wallets
  • Money Transfers
  • Escrow
  • Fund User’s Wallet from admin dashboard
  • Vouchers System
  • User Roles
  • Voyager Admin Dashboard
  • Transactions History
  • Developers API / Merchant ( IPN )
  • Wordpress Ready ( WooCommerce Plugin ) | Sold Separately via direct $35 PayPal transfer. and delivered via email.
  • KYC Ready ( Client Document Verification)
  • GDPR Ready
  • Ability to freese users balance while processing Withdrawal Requests.
  • Ability to set Percentual and Unit Fee’s
  • And more …


Online Documentation


  1. Database Server type: MariaDB
    • it will not work properly in some versions of MySQL servers.
  2. PHP 7.3
  3. PDO PHP Extension
  4. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  5. PHP Fileinfo extension
  6. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  7. XML PHP Extension
  8. Mbstring PHP Extension
  9. GD Library
  10. CURL Library
  11. PHP mod_rewrite enabled
  12. A server that supports Symlinks


Update ( 04, april 2021 ) V 4.0
Modified files

Update (16, april 2021 ) V 4.1
Modified files