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Nice work, GLWS! :)

so.. this only allows one person to upload as the admin user and those files can be made public.. where is the public way to download? Documentation is a bit sparse even though its a very basic script :)

At this time it is single admin. I will likely change that in the future version so that the admin can manage other users. But, my original instinct with a script like this was to keep it simple.

As far as the public goes, they just select the download tab and can sort and download files.

When you login, you can select ‘Manage Files’ and change the access from private to public. This means you need to login in order to be able to sort and download files.

Also, remember to enable the new upload so it is downloadable. You can do this from the ‘Manage Files’ tab when you are logged in.

You may want to check the ‘Help’ page too and see the videos. They cover lots of details like uploading downloading, managing files, etc.

Hope that helps.

I just recently purchased this and have a couple of concerns.

1. when i try to login with the wrong credentials, it does not show me an error of invalid password, it just automatically takes me to the download page.

2. The file extension *.zip is in the list of items that can be uploaded, yet when i try to upload it, it does not work.

3. I have tried to modify the password for my user “admin” in phpMyAdmin they way any other DB i have and it is not working(What password function are you using [MD5 did not work])

4. When managing files, the access setting, private and public, what is the ultimate function of this and if i set to public does that mean all files will be seen when not logged in and when set to private, does this mean files are not available to those not logged in?

any help with these items is greatly appreciated.

1. Yes, it redirects. the redirect is in header_edit.php.

2. The zip should upload. I tested many times on many servers. Maybe your host blocks zip uploads, it is too large in filesize, or something along those lines.

3. The password is sha1. You can do a select sha1(‘new-password’) to get a new one.

4. The public means anyone accessing your website can download those files. The private access would only be for those who login. Also, keep in mind that the files need to be in ‘published’ status.

i just also purchased your script when i installed it in my local server i think it went fine but when i login the forms of upload is doubling there are two upload/browse and two description and when i watch your video guide it is only one upload and description. i think i followed your documentation what do you think went wrong in my installations?any help will do thanks.

You can alter that quite easily.

1. Login
2. Select ‘Manage Files’
3. Change ’#uploads’ from 2 to 1.
4. Click ’#uploads’ button.

Where can I change these log-in info? Username: admin Password: admin. When I enter my database username and password, I can’t upload while being able to upload by logging in by admin / admin.

You can update login info easily. Open database with phpMyAdmin.
Use raspberry_logins table. The user is admin and the string is sha1.
update raspberry_logins set password = sha1('new_password') where my_blogger_id = 1

Make sure you have the proper username and password and you have permissions to do so.

hi.can we save the image path name and file name to the mysql database.?

It stores the files in a specific folder. The data is stored in the uploads table that has file name, mime type, file size, description, category, published status and date.

please help i install this script and get this error check this link

Have you set up the database and have the proper user and password? The file which has these details is

Also, I am not sure when you downloaded the script and it has had a couple revisions. You may want to re-download it, make sure the database connection is adequate and the sample data is dumped into the database.

I just did a recent download and installation on 3 servers; with full PHP warnings and error checks. When I compare to your site, it looks like the database tables and data could be incorrect as I am not seeing data that I am expecting to see.

Can the form fields be customized, set to “required” and are there customizable notification mail templates for the recipient as well as for the uploader?

Yes. There are many ways you can do this yourself. Only 1 admin handles the uploads and settings.

Hi. I recently bought this script. I am getting “You have an incorrect file type.” when trying to upload a file of type .mp3 using the category mp3, I am able to upload images which is odd. Any idea’s?


It looks like it was: upload_max_filesize in php.ini for anyone else with the same issue. The error message is very non descript and gives no clues to the actual problem.

In addition, keep in mind that there can be some naming requirements. This message comes from download_specs.php near line 72.

For example, there are strict filename checks not allowing more than a single period in the filename. Whitespace will get rejected too. I hope this helps you more BlastFM. if (!preg_match( '/^[a-zA-Z0-9_]+([a-zA-Z0-9_]*(\-)*[a-zA-Z0-9_]*)+(\.|){1}(' . $acceptable . ')$/i', $_FILES[$filename]["name"] )

Excellent GLWS


I’m having problems with mp3 files over about 10mb. What are the recommended php.ini settings please?

Your mp3 file was very small but larger files seems to be a problem.

This turned out to be: admin.php line:13. It did not create any errors in the logs, even in debug mode as it isn’t an error, it’s a file size limit. Maybe it would be best to define a max_upload in the config file as the limit is used in two places, admin.php and download_specs.php.

Sure maybe. But, notes like this help others make small hard code changes until I get around to this. Thanks.

Corrected index.php line 68: if ((strpos($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’], ‘Safari’) !== false) AND == false)) { Not sure if this posts properly.

Any idea when you will support multiple users?

I may migrate the code to SLAC this year, which is for multiple users.

In addition, you could always hire me out to do custom work. Rates are CAD$60/hr.