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How do i add a new language

Let’s say you are trying to add the Chinese lang.

1 – create a new file named chinese.php inside the folder ” ./core/language/ “

2 – copy the contents of english.php and past on chinese.php

3 – start the translation of strings.

$lang = array(
‘by’ => Chinese translation of the word by’,
‘Or’ => Chinese translation of the word Or’,
‘More From Our’ => Chinese translation of the word More From Our’,
’ ... ’ => ’ ... ‘

4 – login with admin user and go to admin dashboard. Under ’ General Settings ’ select your recently created language and the Default Language. and save settings.

Any chance of Adsense Revenue Sharing System being added so users can make money off their videos also?

All users have an ads space in the video watch page. they can add Adsense Code or Any other CPM ad Network Code

Can the video upload size be increased to something higher than 20MB?

A : Yes
Q : How ?
A : by increasing your web hosting PHP upload Limit